Prologue: The Last Mission

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The Last Mission

The sun was bright but the clouds were thick and moving quickly to cover the yellow rays. There was a cool breeze that drifted towards me and a long with it was the scream of a young girl coming from the woods. Immediately, I transformed into the wolf and bound forward. Flashing past the trees, jumping over the overgrown roots, and dodging every branch that threatened to stab an eye out, I finally found the clearing where the girl was located.

A tall man with bulging muscles, thick curly black hair, and dark green eyes hovered over the girl as she lay on the ground hog tied. My heart began pounding at the all too familiar sight, one that I had seem hundreds of times and even lived through myself. The man was chanting in a familiar, but unknown language as his arms stretched out towards the sky.

My eyes focused on the little girl. Fear spilled from her light blue eyes in the form of salty water as she struggled from the ropes that confined her to the ground. She couldn’t have been more then six and it broke my heart to know someone so young was going through this. But I swallowed up the hurt and closed my eyes focusing on time.

Slowly everything came to a halt. The wind in the trees, the birds in the air, and the chanting all ended, and I opened my eyes. The girl had suddenly stopped screaming as well, pausing to stare at the man in confusion, but she quickly began to work at the ropes once again. I peered into her mind and saw a young woman with the same chestnut hair as the young girl and dark blue eyes, and I knew instantly it was her sister she was hoping would save her.

With a deep breath, I transformed into my human form and morphed my body into the image of the young girl’s older sister. I left my hiding place behind a bush and began running towards the young girl. Her eyes shot to me instantly.

“Leah!” she cried.

I dropped to her side and cupped her cheek as I said, “It’s okay. I’m here for you.”

The girl began spilling what happened as I worked at carefully untying the ropes from her badly injured wrists. While she wasn’t looking, I casually rested my hands over the wounds and healed them. When her eyes looked back at me and narrowed, I knew she had felt the warmth from the healing.

“What?” I asked as if I didn’t know what she was feeling or going through.

“Nothing,” she replied quietly as I finished with the ropes. The young girl whirled around and wrapped her arms around me, whispering, “I knew you’d come for me.”

“Of course I did,” I whispered back with a smile. “But you need to get home now,” I added more seriously as I separated from the hug.

“What about him?” she asked in a shaky voice as she looked behind her as the man who was apparently her father.

“I’ll take care of him,” I smiled weakly. “Just get home, and tomorrow this will all feel like a really bad dream. I promise.”

Her hopeful gaze stayed locked with mine for a few more seconds before she began running home. I watched as her little legs pushed her farther and farther away from this place, and I smiled knowing that her soul would be safe. Maybe one day mine would be too.

“Audrina,” a voice blurted suddenly nearly causing me to jump out of my skin.

“Jesus,” I said with my hand to my chest as I tried to calm my racing heart and trying to catch my breath. I looked over and to meet the gaze the Archangel, Michael. His massive wings were put away, but he still carried a faint hue around him.

“Close, but not quite,” he smiled, but then his gaze found the tall man that was the young girl’s father. “I knew him once,” he said with a grimace.

“Really?” I inquired as I turned my own gaze at the man, who still stood frozen with his arms above his head.

“Yes,” Michael replied inhaling. “He was a good friend.”

I eyed Michael suspiciously wondering how he knew this man along with a question that would forever loom in the back of my mind: why he was helping me. But I looked away when Michael’s eyes found me.

“Well,” Michael continued. “You should make him Vanish; he’ll go where he needs too.”

I nodded and looked at the time frozen man. With a deep breath, I closed my eyes and focused on sending the man where he belonged, wherever that may be. When I opened my eyes again, he was gone, and I hoped that wherever he went he would never try sending another innocent soul to Hell.

Slowly, I stood up from the ground and looked to Michael.

He looked at me with his violet and a soft smile as he said, “This was the last mission; there will be no more. You have saved plenty of children from horrible fates, and now it’s time for you to have a life of your own.”

I stared at him for a moment while I decided if I was happy or sad about it. Saving children from fates like mine was what kept me waking up every morning, but without the missions, I could help but to feel a little emptier inside. In this world I was alone without family, and I was the only one of my kind.

“You can create others,” Michael continued as if reading my mind. “I’ll show you how; I’ll show you everything you need to know.”

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