Chapter 46

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Crazed dangerous grey eyes stared at those of his nephews as they blocked the door refusing to let him leave.

"Sweet Christ! By all that is holy if you two jackdaws do not move I will run you through!" Duncan lowered his hands to his side unconsciously as to reach for his sword.

With a smirk and temporary confidence they smirked and crossed their arms only to step back wearily at him as he stood to full height and his gaze turned deadly and his nostrils flared with rage.

They nervously raised their hands to calm the uncle that in his time was a formidable and dangerous warlord they would never cross. But, now although he lost very little muscle mass due to his present diet, he was still the man all could fear. And at this very moment should fear.

"Uncle, understand you can not just show up before her and her family. How would you explain yourself?" Jason began.

"She is my woman. It is what I will tell them," Duncan fumed.

"Yes but how sure are you that she remembers you?" Jason explained.

Duncan shook his head refusing to listen. She has to remember him....Frustrated he began to pace and raked his hand through his hair repeatedly.

"Have a heart! She needs me I can feel it. There is this anguish and pain in my chest that will not go away it is hers." he rubbed his chest furiously as he faced them.

"No uncle that is called heart burn from the large pepperoni pizza you greedily scoffed last night and finished." Dennis shook his head bothered still that none was left for him.

Duncan stared at him and his sarcastic tone before shaking his head.

"Do not jest this is not the time." Duncan sighed with a perplexed gaze at the two brothers that now scowled at eachother.

A brief silence drew out before Jason continued.

"Do you really feel her, Uncle?" he asked with a saddened gaze watching Duncan pace like a caged Lion.

Duncan nodded unable to speak or breath as he felt the air around him turn warm.

It was an bothersome feeling he woke up to in a sweat. It felt so real he watched as she doubled over in pain at his side. His left palm itched and his head could not let go of the idea that something was wrong.

When Dennis returned that evening with news that Tara was taken to the hospital, it took them every inch of strength and courage to deny him and keep their uncle from leaving the apartment.

"I must go to her," he repeated.

"Uncle we understand that. But you do not want to scare her away. We will check and see what we can do. But in the mean time you must not approach her until you are sure she knows of the time the two of you had." Dennis stepped closer.

His determined gaze waivered after a brief silence. He sat on the chair shortly after with defeat evident on his shoulders and reluctantly agreed.

He sat back and watched them as they turned to leave promising him they will return with news about her.

His gaze narrowed watching them leave.

He waited a couple of minutes then stood and walked to the window on the far side of the living room and looked down in time to watch them hail down a cab. The moment he saw them get in he turned towards his room.

In a matter of seconds, after retrieving what he needed he left.

No one or nothing was keeping him from her. He did not defy time to sit about and wait.

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