Moving is hard work

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Y/n's POV

I was waiting outside for Vinny he said he would pick me up, we're is he, I thought to myself, well I might as well text him to see were he is, his probably asleep

Vinny were r u😠
Sorry cupcake I was asleep
Well hurry up I'm freezing my ass off
Oh no we wouldn't want that to happen😆😂🙄
Fuck you
Sorry I'll be there soon
K thx pooh bear (idk people have nicknames ok)
It k cupcake

Finally his coming, God he was asleep this whole time I've been out her for 2 and a half hours Jesus, "Your finally here" "sorry cupcake I slept in" he said wrapping his warm arms around me "jeez your cold are you sure you wanna go out looking at houses today, in this weather you could just come with us on the rest of tour" "I guess your right but I don't want to be a bother" "you won't be the band loves you they all kept asking me if your coming back 'cause your so nice'" "that's so sweet, are you sure they wouldn't mind me tagging along?" "Trust me they won't care" "k thanks pooh bear" "it's okay anytime" i didn't even bother to get my stuff because 1:they already probably have enough luggage on the bus 2:I really don't want to even look at my dad, I'll text him when I get in the bus, or another state...

Ok so I was wondering if you guys could comment because I would love some feedback if it's ok thx I love you guys and thx for reading this part

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