Chapter Thirteen

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     Harley went out and started to try and find Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy was once her best friend at Arkham asylum, now she's not sure anymore.
There was a large plant covered blinding in front of Harley. Ivy covered the building with vines. It looked like the plants devoured the buildings,  the doors were closed shut by the plants.
Harley started to walk closer to the building and started to climb the stairs. She saw guards guarding the entrance, so she had beneath one of the stair cases and waited. A guard that had white face paint, red lipstick covering his mouth, black paint covering his under his eyes and has eyelids.

Harley took them out silently and started to walk into the gate that blocked the door

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Harley took them out silently and started to walk into the gate that blocked the door. As she walked into the building plants surround everywhere, like vines, deadly flowers, and humongous Venus fly traps. Harley saw Ivy sitting on her plant covered throne.
     "Hiya Red, it's me, Harley!" Harley introduced as she walked closer to the poisonous woman sitting before her.
     "Harley? It is you!" Ivy exclaimed as she jumped off the throne. They hugged for a second but Ivy quickly pulled away.
     "You have to take this special medicine that makes you immune to being around me. They don't call me poison for nothing." Ivy informed as she gave Harley a blue chemical that was in the bottle. Harley took it and stared at it for a minute.
     "Do I have ta' drink it? It looks nasty." Harley asked as she shook the bottle a little. Ivy nodded her head yes.
     "Yes, if you don't want to die, then you might want to." Ivy replied. Harley took the lid off the bottle and held her breath.
    "Bottoms up." Harley said with a clenched nose. She drunk the blue liquid.
     Harley groaned and held her stomach," What the heck did that blue gunk do ta' me?" Harley made a disgusted face. Ivy chuckled.
     "That means it's working, trust me." Ivy replied. Harley coughed a bit, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.
      "Anyway Harles, what did you want?" Ivy asked. Harley stopped coughing and smiled.
     "Mistah J said he needed ya' for a plan! Could ya' help us? Please!" Harley asked as she gave Harley puppy dog eyes.
     "First tell me what I'm doing." Ivy said. Harley perked up even more.
     "You'll have ta' ask Mistah J fa' that!" Harley replied. Ivy sighed and nodded.
     "Alright, here's the deal. Take me to Mister j and let me ask him for myself." Ivy said. Harley squealed as she jumped up and down, then she hugged her best friend.
     "Thank you red!" Harley smiled. Ivy smiled and hugged back,"No problem Harles."


I have so many ideas for thus book! Some including The Squad! Some ideas including Arkham (Some ideas were inspired from the Arkham City games) Agh I can't contain my ideas!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

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