Fifth Monarchists

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The Bloody Vision of John Farley:

Arise Evans


Title page


Interpreted by ARISE EVANS.

With Another VISION signifying peace and happiness. Both which Show remarkable alterations speedily, to come to pass here in England,


A Refutation of a Pamphlet, lately published by one Aspinwall: called a Brief descripton of the fifth Monarchy. Showing: That the late Parliament was that Beast mentioned, Rev. 13. that this Representative is the Image thereof, and that the fifth Monarchy will shortly be established in the Person of CHARLES STEWART.

Printed in the Year. 1653.


When the Lord sent Moses to the Children of Israel which were in Egypt; he gave him two signs to show before them, that they might believe; & told him that if they would neither believe the voice of the first sign, nor the voice of the latter sign, than that he should take water out of the river, and pour it upon the dry land, and it should become blood, Exod. 4. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Beloved friends, I have written two books & sent them forth in print, as two signs to the English Nation; and those in power do take no warning by them; and now also this book is going forth to show that the water of their River must be turned into blood.

I said in my petition to the General dated the 16. of the last May, that I would not willingly turn water into blood, nor publish that bloody vision mentioned in the aforesaid petition; which signifieth, that we must have a bloody war again: and that Right must have Right, though thereby all must be turned upside down again, But now it must not be as I will, I must publish it, or have no peace to my soul: the Lion hath roared, who will but fear: The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy and publish in the palaces at Ashdod, Amos 3, 8,9,10,1,. the great judgement coming upon it from the Lord of Hosts, for the Lord God hath sworn by his holiness; That lo, the days shall come upon you that he will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fish hooks, Amos 4. 2. Then will you say: Oh, that we had believed ARISE EVANS, and taken advice by his books and petition; as many of the King's party now mourn, and tell me the very words that I told them 19 years ago; blaming themselves for that they had no more regard unto the words then spoken by me, which now they found to be true by woeful experience: yea, and some of your late Parliament men expressing their grief now; do wish, that they had considered my words, and been persuaded by me: but alas, too late repentance is nothing worth: but like that of Esau and Judas, only brings despair, Heb. 12. 16,17; Matth. 27. 3,4,5, for as the tree falleth so it lieth, Eccles. 11. 3.

Therefore while the AXE is laid to the Root of the Tree; it is the best time to save it, Matth. 3. 8,9,10. so before the judgement overtake men; it is the best time for men to do righteously, and thereby escape the wrath to come: Good Reader, I hope I shall be clear from the blood of this generation, and leave them altogether in excusable: for why, they have had more warning from me; than ever any had that I was sent to speak unto, for when I spake to the King and his party; If they had asked me whether I had spoken anything by way of Prophecy before that time? Surely, I could have said nothing to it then, which might have been any ways sufficient to convince them; because that I had not before that time been sent of God to any for to declare such things: But now it is evident how I was called of God and sent to them, and upon their neglect was sent to the Earl of Essex, and after that to the Presbyterians, and then to the late Parliament, God confirming my words with as many signs as was required of me, and also fulfilling the same always in their due seasons. So that, if this people now shall likewise refuse to hear me, (who have had so many witnesses to show that God is pleased to declare his determinate will by me:) they of all others will be the least excusable for disposing me, and so the least capable of mercy.

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