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The Discovery of the Great Enmity of the Serpent against the Seed of the Woman:

William Duesbury

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Of the great enmity of the Serpent against the seed of the Woman

WHICH witnesseth against him where he rules, both in Rulers, Priests and People:

WHOSE hearts are now made manifest in this great day of the Lord's power; wherein he is sending his Sons and Daughters in the power of his spirit to run to and fro to declare his word.

WHICH Discovereth the state of England, who according to her own lusts hath heaped up Teachers to herself that hath spoken smooth things to her, calling her the beautiful Church and Spouse of Christ; but in the day of trial she is found in enmity to Christ in his appearance in his children, and to be in the estate deluded from the spirit of truth, recorded in 2 Tim. 4.2.3 which cannot endure sound Doctrine, having itching ears and turns them away from the truth to fables; and now are England's Teachers tried, she hath leaped up to herself; and their doctrine proved: and their Ministry made manifest in the great enmity they manifest against Christ in persecuting the bodies of his Saints, them to destroy whom he hath sent to preach freely his eternal Word; for which they are stoned, beaten, and imprisoned; and many of England's Teachers whom she upholds, stirs up the people so to do: Being deceived, not regarding what is spoken, that neither fornicator, nor idolater, nor adulterer, nor effeminate, nor abuser of themselves with mankind, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revellers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the Kingdom of God, 1 Cor. 6.9, 10.

A TRUE TESTIMONY of him the world knows by name, William Duesbury, and in scorn calls Quaker; who hath been by them imprisoned in York, Darby, Leicester, and Northampton, where he is now kept in the common Gaol for the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ.

ALSO his Call to the Ministry of the everlasting Gospel by the still voice of the Spirit of God and his mighty power destroying with the flaming sword the disobedient that would not stand in his counsel, and causing the soul to submit to his counsel the light that comes from Christ in it to wait on him to open the seals of the Book, and make known the mystery of eternal life to the soul, the Scripture testifieth is in Christ the truth of it to know as it is in Jesus.

THE WORD OF THE LORD TO ALL IN ENGLAND whom the Lord hath betrusted with power from the highest to the lowest, to see the peace be kept; and to judge the cause of the People with righteous judgement.

WITH A LAMENTATION over all in England; who oppose Christ in his spiritual appearance, and to slight the day of your visitation to your own destruction.

From the common Gaol in Northampton the 25. day of the 4. month, 1655.


Printed for Giles Calvert at the West end of Paul's, 1655.

The Discovery of the great enmity of the Serpent, against the seed of the woman, which witness against him where he rules, both in Ruler, Priest and People.

Oh people in England!

AM I become your enemy, because I tell you the truth; and deal plainly with you in declaring the mind of the Lord unto you? which in the eternal riches of his love he hath made known unto me, by the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ, for which word and testimony I suffer outward bonds and persecutions, as my Lord and Master did; who was called a blasphemer, Beelzebub the Prince of Devils, by the High Priests; who cried to the unjust Magistrates, to deliver him up into their hands, that their persecuting murdering spirits; that thirsted after his blood, might be satisfied; which the unjust men in Authority to do them a pleasure, in satisfying their wills abused their power, and delivered him up; and though they proved not anything against him, they put him to death, calling him a blasphemer; and he sealed his testimony with his blood: And all my holy Brethren, Prophets, and apostles, were called Blasphemers, Heretics, Seducers, and Deluders, by the false Prophets, High-Priests, and Pharisees then; who professed the name of God in words, but denied him in their practises; and persecuted his children, who were guided by his word, under the names formerly written: as I and my brethren is now persecuted by the same generation, which profess God and Christ in words, but denying him in their practises, living in pride, and pleasures, envy and murder: every way persecuting, and seeking to destroy the bodies of the Saints of the most high God; where the righteous seed is raised up, which witnesseth against their unrighteous practises, and discovers them in their secret hypocrisy, which is hid under their voluntary humility, which causeth them to appear what they are, and manifests what was hid in their hearts, under their faire coverings of outward forms and profession of Religion, which they now manifest forth by their fruit, whose children they are, in obedience to their father the Devil; who was a persecuter and a murderer from the beginning, whose works they now do that profess Christ in words, but denies to be guided by his spirit; for his spirit is no persecuter: and so are they made manifest (in what they do) to all that have eyes to see, that they are strangers to Christ, while they continue in Cain's nature persecuting the righteous seed without a cause, as he did, and doth in this Nation: both in the North of it, and in other Prisons in several places of it, there hath been cast into them the Saints and Children of the most high God for obeying his will, in witnessing forth his eternal Word that he hath made manifest in them: And no breach of any National law proved against them, but a Popish law made in Queen Mary's Reign, which some hath suffered under; and many others of the Saints and Children of the most high God, they have persecuted and cast into prisons, and not the breach of any National proved against them; but in the pride and envy of their hearts do they persecute the innocent, to satisfy their own wills; as I am a witness against them who have persecuted me, and cast me into prison under the name of a Seducer (as they say,) for the Seducing of the people of this nation, and for suspicion of Blasphemy, and breaking of the public peace, in dispersing principles contrary to the truth of the Gospel, and peace of the Nation; and not any accuser appeared to my face to prove what they charge against me, as is formerly written, either by the law of God or the law of the Nation; but the Serpent in whom he rules, hath manifest his enmity against me, whom the Lord hath redeemed from the Earth; and sent to preach the everlasting Gospel to those that dwell upon the Earth; and to witness against the wickedness of the dark world that the deeds thereof are evil, for which testimony the world that hates the light that comes from Christ, whom they ever persecuted to fulfil the measure of their fathers iniquities; hath me and my brethren persecuted under the names as formerly written; charging me with making tumults and breaking the public peace, for walking in obedience to the Spirit of Christ, which guided all he sent to preach his Gospel, to run to and fro as I have done in thee oh England! that knowledge may be increased, as is recorded in the Scripture of truth, Dan. 12.4. And is according to the commands of Christ; Go your ways, Behold I send you forth as lambs among wolves, carry neither purse nor scrip nor shoos, and salute no man by the way, and into what city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as is set before you, Luke 10, 3, 4 & 8 verses. But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to their counsel, and they will scourge you in their synagogues, and you shall be brought before Governors and Kings for my name's sake, but he that endures unto the end shall be saved, Mat. 10.17, 18, & 22 verses.

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