Chapter 15: Mutual

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(Hermione: POV)

A small pop shifted the clear air as the noise flowed through the wind, us appearing in a green lush meadow. I saw nothing but the never ending sight of green grass growing up hills that slowly blurred out of sight. But quickly everything became blurry as my eyes swelled up with tears. I felt Dracos hand still clutching mine. Before his muffled cry came out I hugged him tight realizing what had just happened, what had happened to his mother, and what he must be feeling right now. I cried into his shoulder, him silently whimpering into mine. 

An hour passed, and I got Draco to calm down telling him we had to tell Dumbledore. We took each others hand and made another swift pop before we popped again outside the hogwarts grounds, we ran up the hill, towards the tower, but we stopped and looked towards all the students who had crowded around something, we walked rather quickly over as curiosity temporarily replaced our fear for a greater one. Draco being his usual tall self let out a hopeless and depressing sigh as he put his head in his hands after looking over the students heads. I, being small had to push past people. My eyes grew wide and I felt myself tearing up again, Dumbledore was on the ground motionless, Harry clutching his still body crying, Ginny holding onto Harry as her face too had tears streaming from her eyes, as every other student was too.

The next day

It was a depressing day as Draco and I told Harry & Ron everything, and they told us the same about leaving to find and hunt the horcruxes. Draco wanted to help, he needed to help, to regain his mothers memory. He had nowhere to go, and nobody else to turn to.

As we grew, we all changed, we shifted to a colour of both black and white; grey, reflecting the light and the dark inside of us. Instead of the black and white which had innocently haunted our souls from when we were little.

For not the dark, we would not recognize true happiness.

For not the light we would not recognize the joy we could experience, or the love that we seeked which we so desperately cried out for; beneath our icy skin.

For those souls which aren't split, are always longing for something good, bad or lovingly mutual.

For we were longing for each other, and we didn't care which of the three that it contained.

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