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(Y/N)'s POV

"The letters"

He nodded

"The letters were written back when I was in High School. It was before I met you. Those were written back when I liked Jungkook. When I dated you, I personally hid those letters since I had and still don't have any romatic feelings for Jungkook. My parents found them somehow and shipped them to Jungkook's house in Korea. The letters have dates. Dates in which they were written in, you can clearly see, we didn't know each other then" I said as I started to cry

C'mon, dump me already
Make this less painful please
I'm sorry, Tae

"Oh. Thank you for telling me. If you didn't care about our relationship, you woul've waited for me to find out and break up with you. You decided to explain to me yourself with nothing but truthful words. Thank you, (Y/N), I know I can trust you" he said calmly as a smile formed on his face.

That went better than expected

"I miss you, Tae" I said

"I miss you too and it's only been a week!"

"Hahaha, what if I told you that you won't miss me for long" I said

"Uh, I would ask you why" he said with his rectangular smile

I love him so much

No one can make me happier than the man I'm looking at right now

"Well, I may have gotten tickets to Korea"

"(Y/N) Are you serious?!"

"Dead serious"

"SARANGHAE!!!" He yelled and I immediately lowered the computer's volume

"Nado Saranghae, my pabo"

We talked for a little more and he said he had a surprise for me waiting in Korea...

I can't wait!

Taehyung's POV

-time skip-

I was at the jewelry store today and I found a beautiful ring for the love of my life. She's coming in a week, and I'm planning on proposing to her the night she comes home. Jimin's gonna pick her up and bring her over to my room, where I'll be impatiently waiting. I placed the red box in a safe place where I knew it was safe.

I (j) hope I don't forget

A/N: im sowwy i had to...

Author's POV

It was time for you to get in the plane and you texted Tae Hyung

From: (Y/N)
To: Taehyung
About to get on the plane! Can't wait to see you!!! 😘 xoxo

He immediately responded your text with a simple 'saranghae my queen... your surprise and I will be waiting for you'

You smiled widely putting away your phone. You turned it off and followed every security procedure. You couldn't wait to see Tae again. You had been feeling a little down since he wasn't there to cuddle after stressful work days, and you were going to see him again and cuddle all day long.

This was very exciting to you

As Taehyung watched the news from his room, he prayed for you to come home safe, it was all good until he saw a scene he wished he had never seen

Breaking News: Plane from California to South Korea Crashes with no survivors


This must be some kind of prank

This can't be real

Not my (Y/N)

he thought

Taehyung looked at the ticket's details and compared them to the new's report

It was true

You were never coming home

Taehyung's POV

My (Y/N)

Who was going to be the mother of my children

The woman who I truly saw myself with in a healthy and stable relationship/family

The love of my life

This can't be

There must be a mistake

I headed straight to the airport where she was going to be picked up and asked the receptionist about her plane.

The same response

I refused to believe it, and took a sit in one of the benches waiting for (Y/N) to come and hug me tightly. Some fangirls approached me and asked for pictures. I accepted and once I was done, I kept on waiting for my lovely (Y/N) to come through those doors. I wanted her to come out, hug me tighter than ever, and kiss me passionately. I want to feel her soft, gentle lips pressed against mine moving in perfect sync

All hope was lost when all planes had come and (Y/N)'s remained absent

It was true

The words I refused to believe were all true

I was now alone because...

...(Y/N) wasn't coming back.

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