#25- "I'd never do anything to hurt you intentionally"

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Second-to-Last chapter... It's been great writing this story:D Thank for the 700+ reads<3 I hope to 'see' you all in my other stories!(Y/N)'s POV

BTS went back to Korea, where they'd go on tour for the next 4 months.

I'm so proud of them.

I wanted to go with them, but I still need to finish school. My parents agreed to stay until Tae comes back so I don't feel as lonely while he's gone. We facetime every night, day for him. The calls don't last long since he needs to practice or I need to sleep.

"Mom, where is the pink box?" I asked

"The one with the letters?"

I nodded my head multiple times.

"I sent your dad to ship them. They had an address so we shipped them for you"


"I mailed them"

"No no no no no no no"


I left the house since I was lacking oxygen

The letters


To jungkook

He'll know

He'll see them


(A/N: OH MY GOD OHMYGOD //leaves and hopes someone got the seventeen reference//


Tae will dump me

I walked through the streets of California and stopped at the bubble tea café.

Taehyung loved it here

I got my chocolate bubble tea and when I was done I threw the cup away. I walked some more and the sun had set, leaving the street with some stars and no light. I headed to my apartment, where both of my parents were waiting.

"Where were you?" My dad questioned

"Uh, I went for a walk"

"Did your mother tell you?"


"We sent the letters for you! Now you don't have to bother and just wait for a response. We also put them in envelopes"

I scoffed at the comment and headed to my room. My mom was sitting on my bed as she waited for me to come in.

"Hey, mom?" I said awkward

"Darling, I know you love Taehyung, and I know that Jungkook's cute, but you need to decide" she started

She read the letters

"I did. Those letters were from before I met Taehyung. That's why they hadn't been sent" I mumbled

"Who did you choose then?"

"Taehyung, of course, but now he's going to dump me since you mailed the letters to Jungkook"

"I'm sorry"

We stayed silent for awhile and eventually, my mom left the room. I sat there, staring at nothing, thinking about how hurt Taehyung must be. I know it was hard for him to trust me, and now this is gonna make him insane.

I decided to text him and ask if he could face time, so I can clear things up already and hope he forgives me

From: (Y/N)
To: Taehyung
Can u facetime??👽

From: Taehyung
To: (Y/N)

I called him and at first he greeted me with his adorable smile. The smile quickly fainted since he could see I wasn't calling to mess around.

"The letters" I started

"Oh yeah! Did you find them?"

"Yes. Uh, Tae, remember when I told you that I'd never lie or cheat on you?"


"Well, you're gonna need to keep that in mind since what I'm about to tell you will make you want to doubt it. I love you Tae, and I'd never do anything to hurt you intentionally"

This was gonna hurt

And there's nothing I can do

But to speak the truth

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