#24-Love Letters

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-Time Skip-

"Really?! That's great!!" I said over the phone

Taehyung looked at me excited.

It's been a month since we fought. He's back to normal. Kookie and I don't go on friendly dates anymore, but we do get coffee somtimes; same thing with Yoongi. Also, my summer vacation is over and as Tae leaves with Bangtan, I stay home or go to the school campus.

"MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO THE U.S!" I yelled in excitement.

Taehyung smiled widely as we both jumped up and down.

I haven't seen my parents in what seems like forever (a year already), and we're finally going to see each other again. They know I'm dating Taehyung, and that he's currently living with me. What's going to happen is that we'll buy a mattress in which Tae and I will sleep, and my parents will get the bed.

Life continued and Taehyung got more and more famous. We were seen a couple times together, but everyone already knows that I'm friends with the whole group. People are starting to make their ships; me with Tae, me with Yoongi, me with Jimin, me with Hoseok, me with Namjoon, me with Seokjin, and me with Jungkook. Jungkook and I aren't happening, that's for sure; I only love Taehyung.

He isn't as overprotective as he once was, and I truly appreciate it. I know he still doesn't trust Jungkook, but he trusts me.

-Time Skip (again)-

"MOM~ DAD~" I yelled in excitement at the sight of both of my parents

"Hi (Y/N)" they said at different times.

I hugged both of my parents and Taehyung greeted them with a warm smile and a firm handshake.

This was the dinner both my parents and Taehyung had been waiting for.

The meeting

Taehyung knew about my parents. He knew what they looked like, their names, and simple facts like favorite color, and how they usually react to things (he found out by asking me about them). My parents knew about Taehyung. They knew about the fight, what he's like, and more stuff not including appearance.

"So you're Taehyung? The boy my (Y/N)'s in love with?" My dad asked

"Yes sir" he said bowing

"Hmm... I imagined you to be... more handsome" he explained

"You can't possibly be more handsome than Tae, dad"

Mom laughed at my response and Taehyung smiled at my dad and glared at me. He bowed to my mom, and offered his hand. My mom accepted and they shook hands, both wearing a warm smile on their faces.

My parents took me aside and said things I never wanted to hear

"He clearly doesnt love you"

"Remember how he acted when you fought"

"His smile isn't genuine"

"He tries too hard to be funny"

"He's not even cute"

"You can do better"

Why did they not approve of him?

He was who you love. They need to understand that

"You guys don't even know him. You can't judge him like that" I said hurt by their words

"Just give him a chance. Let me prove you how amazing he is"


"You have a week"

Author's POV

The days went by and your parents still didn't approve your relationship. Your dad would often compare him to Jungkook, and you could notice Tae's change. Now he wasn't being his cute weird self. He was much more formal, and much more calm. You insisted on telling him to be himself, but he said he wanted your parents to like him and that was the only way.

You convince your parents and Taehyung on giving him a chance without comparison, and Tae on being himself. The person you fell in love with. They, your parents, started to realize how sweet he was to you. They noticed that even though he was weird, all he wanted was to see you happy and smiling. They noticed how many dates he took you in, as well as how often he'd come home with a present just for you. Often times, he'd bring something for your parents too. Your parents grew fond of Taehyung's rectangular smile, and realized how cute and handsome he was. They wouldn't accept it, though.


Taehyung's POV (A/N: Surprise, Surprise!😈😂)

I was in the middle of dance practice when I heard my phone go off. Yoongi, who was the closest to the computer, turned it off and everyone stopped dancing.

It was from (Y/N)


"Hey! Taehyung, did you casually find letters somewhere in the room where my parents are?"

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