#21-Meeting Bangtan Boys

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(Y/N)'s POV

I walked around the city alone and by myself. Taehyung was gone for his debuting party with the whole group. I wasn't invited so I decided not to ask him to take me. I did want to go though; I haven't met Yoongi, and that's something I still want to do. He seems really chill and cool><

I've talked to Taehyung about meeting the rest of the boys, but there's never time. He said that next week could be a good time for me to go see their dance practice, and finally meet the rest of Bangtan. I couldn't wait. It was still summer vacation and I've been very bored. My advanced level classes {surprisingly} didn't assign any homework for the summer. It was just English. I was supposed to finish a book, but since I've always had a deep love for reading, I finished the whole 500 page book in two weeks.

Author's POV

The following week came, and Taehyung said he'd come pick you up today in the afternoon. You were going to their 'Fire' dance practice. You already memorized the choreography, so you were only going to meet them. You had your comfy black tight leggins and long white with black sleeves t-shirt on.

Taehyung's knocking cut you off your excited thoughts. You opened the door and you headed to the car.

He took you to a tall and wide beige with blue lettering building. The big blue letters said 'K-Pop Dance Studio'. The building had huge poster with Taehyung on it, promoting his recent debut. It had BTS too, but they were in a separate poster, just the 6 of them.

You went in and a cute, round-faced young lady greeted you. She had a messy yet cute and organized bun along with thin eyeliner, and orange-y lipstick.

Taehyung showed his ID Card, and she let the both of you in. She questioned the reason why you were going in, but Taehyung explained that you were his girlfriend, and that the manager was okay with you watching them practice. She nodded and extended her arm, leading to the big brown doors already open.

You both went in, Taehyung holding your small hand. You walked throught the hallways of the building, looking at all the rooms there were. One said EXO, another one was SHINee, Monsta X, SNSD, Red Velvet, Big Bang, Blackpink, and the list goes on. None had music playing, though. You could hear EXO's Dancing King play inside the room that said EXO. Laughter was also heard, coming from the inside.

At the end of the hallway, you could hear Fire playing. You both stopped at a room in the very end of hallway 22. The door had white lettering in a taped strip of paper with a black-colored background.

It read Bangtan Boys [Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Namjoon, Seokjin, Jimin]

Your heart started to race and a smile grew in your face. Taehyung looked at you and smiled. He opened the door revealing 5 twenty-year-olds and 1 nineteen-year-old all goofing around. Their laughs were very loud and they echoed in the room. Everyone stared, and Jungkook ran to you giving you a tight embrace. Taehyung went to greet everyone. Jungkook ran back to Bangtan, and Taehyng introduced you.

"Guys, this is (Y/N)"

"Hi, (Y/N)!" Hoseok spoke happy, as always.

"Hey, Hoseok" you said calm as you gave him a sweet smile.

"Oh my! Guys she knows my name! She's a magician, she knows things" he said getting excited.

"I know all of your names" you chimed.

"Yoongi" you said pointing to the mint-haired attractive male.

He gave you a smile and you returned it.




"And last but obviously not least, Jamless Jimin" you said and everyone laughed as Jimin gave you a glare.

"I like her" Namjoon, the boy with the pink hair said.

You laughed and everyone agreed.

You watched them dance, and the second time, {surprisingly}, Yoongi asked if you wanted to learn the dance. You smiled and said that you had already learned it.

"Join us, then!" Jimin invited.

You smiled and stood up, standing next to Jimin.

"I'll prove you I have jams" he whispered.

"Ha! You can try" you said laughing.

The music played and you all moved in perfect sync. They congratulated your dancing and you thanked them as you blushed.

The 8 of you continued talking and you realized Yoongi was acting weird. He was smiling often, talking more than usual, and he was actually hyper for normal Min Yoongi.

It made you happy. You realized you shared many things with the boys (especially Yoongi), so you all got along. Taehyung said it was late, so you decided to leave with him. Before you left, you hugged everyone and said goodbye.

Your dream had just come true

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