#18-I Should've Confessed

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Jungkook's P.O.V

"Hi Jungkookie!" She greeted.

She looked beautiful, as always.

I have crushed on (Y/N) since the day I saw her. She was always full of joy and brightness; it was adorable. She always had a smile on her face, and there really wasn't a day that I didn't feel good when I was with her. (Y/N) was the sweetest yet the sassiest person ever. She was 1.68cm tall and now she's about 1.75; (that's right), my type.

We talked for awhile and I invited her over to the bubble tea place, and I payed. She refused at first, but I convinced her to let me pay. I liked treating her. She was always there for me, and I was too much of a jerk to let her go. I still remember the day she left.

Flashback on Jungkook's POV

"You're what?!?!" I asked crying.

She was leaving today. Seulgi had recently broken up with me, and I didn't listen to (Y/N) telling me that she was leaving.

"I'm sorry" she murmured as she looked down.

I know she feels bad. I know she cares about how I feel because I care about her too. Sadly, she cares more about me than I care about her.

What did I do to deserve someone as great as her?

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked a lot more calm now.

I know she told me, but I can't remember when. It's all so blurry in my mind. Ever since Seulgi broke up with me, I've been drifting apart from all of my friends.

"I did, a week ago, remember? You were too busy looking for gifts you could give Seulgi for your anniversary. And then she.." (Y/N) said but couldn't finish her sentence.

"Oh" was all I could say at the moment.

I can't belive myself right now. She was my best friend, and my ultimate crush and she was leaving me tonight! The worst part is that even with that circumstance I still didn't listen.

"So this is our end?" I asked as tears kept rolling down my cheeks like a waterfall.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

We were both crying at the moment, and I felt bad. I was the reason she was crying and I hate myself for that.

"I mean our end. Our good bye. (Y/N), You're leaving tonight." I said.

I cried and cried for weeks, not leaving my room. I did not go to school that week either.

How could I?

There was no absolute point in going when you don't like anyone there. Besides, I had auditioned about two weeks after (Y/N) left. She was the reason I kept going to school.

Now, you may be wondering why I dated Seulgi if I loved (Y/N)

I wanted to forget (Y/N). She was always so nice and sweet to everyone, I couldn't see if she treated me any different. If I saw that she did, I would've confessed. She treated everyone the same and I assumed she had no romantic feelings towards me.

Now she's dating Taehyung, and I don't know how I feel anymore. I feel happy that she found someone, but I keep on feeling my heart ache every time I see her with him.

I wish I had confessed to her. If I had, I'd still be in school, but I would be with her.

I'd get to hold her hand as we walked around the city. I'd hug her everytime she got scared. I remember she used to take me to watch horror films, and all I could do was whisper soothing things to her whenever I noticed she was scared. I'd slightly hug her sideways, but never too tightly or too loving. And don't you dare get me started on kisses! Those soft pink lips of hers would be kissed quite often. I'd peck her lips every time we had to go to a class where we couldn't be together. I'd kiss her good morning and kiss her good night.

I would try to be the best I could just to see that adorable sweet smile of hers.

Just to see that I caused her eyes to have a spark, and her smile to be full of joy.


I talked to (Y/N) for awhile and drove her back to her hotel room. She said she was planning on renting an apartment, and she asked if I knew anywhere for her to start looking.

I had to tell her that we, BTS, were only here because of Taehyung. We weren't planning on living here, and we didn't have any idea of where everything is.

It's the truth.

We're here because Taehyung really wants to go to college, but we really need to be a lot more realistic, and know that it's impossible to do college and be a singer at the same time. He's going to need to choose.

Taehyung came out of his room and greeted us. He said he wanted to go practice the choreography, and rehearse for tomorrow's debut (his debut)

I offered to go with him, and we said goodbye to (Y/N).

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