#15-BTS? Jungkook?

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"Hey, (Y/N)?" Taehyung asked.

"Yeah?" You answered.

"Do you know what Bangtan Boys is?" He asked you.

You were a 100% ARMY and you were Yoongi biased. You loved their songs and just everything about them.

One of the guys, Jungkook, caught your attention when you first got into the fandom.

Jung Kook.

Could he possibly be your Jeon JungKook?

Your Kookie?

Your first love?

Your best friend?

Could they be the same person?

You used to ask yourself those questions all the time. Then you continued seeing them, and you covinced yourself that they were different people with the same name. Completely possible.

You were wrong. Jeon Jungkook from high school was the same person as Jeon Jungkook from BTS.

You had changed a lot, you weren't just a normal girl with dark brown hair, now you had blue highlights. Turquoise highlights, to be exact. You also changed as in personality. You weren't that innocent girl that you once were back in High School. You're much more mature and much more 'less-trusting'.

On the other hand, Jungkook changed a lot too. His Pre-Debut appearence was pretty different from his actual appearance today. He wasn't that sweet boy he once was back in High School. He's much cooler now. His personality is what probably has changed the most.

"I love BTS! They're amazing! Why?" You said.

"I got an offer to be in the group" he casually said.

"THAT'S FREAKING AMAZING!!!! YOU SAID YES, RIGHT?" You asked getting excited.

This was Tae's time to show his talent, and also a slight opportunity to finally meet your ultimate bias

Min YoonGi.

"Uh, I said that I'll think about it" he said.

"Taehyung! This is your opportunity to show your singing talent! You better say yes!" You exclaimed.

You wanted him to he successful. He deserved it. He's a very caring, sweet, and just adorable human being. He would be an amazing singer, and he'd definitely be the one to give the best fan service.

"I'll say yes then! I just wanted to make sure" he said.

"But why did you ask me?" You said.

"Because to me, your opinion is more important than anyone else's" he simply said with that deep voice of his.

"Awe. Thank you. That means a lot to me, TaeTae"

You felt as if you needed to say somethig. Something that isn't tue best thing to say to a friend, at all.

You knew the words would simply escape your mouth someday. They felt so right, but you knew it was wrong for you to say.

What felt right was wrong, and what felt wrong, was right.

"No problem" he said.


You left his hote room to go to yours, which was now right next door. Taehyung's room was the 1419A, and he knew the room next door was available, so he insisted on you changing rooms. Thankfully, the secretary did change your room, and now you're in room 1420A.

You kept on imagining what it would be like to meet Yoongi. He was just so perfect. He was not too tall, his skin was flawless, he had a sweet smile, his face itself was lovable, yet his personality was completely different. You loved that about him, to you, it showed how you simply can't judge someone by the way the look.

You continued to dream and just think about him the whole night, which made you a little too excited.


You saw Taehyung the next morning. He said he was on his way to accept the offer, and audition. You wished him luck, and he smiled at you sweetly.


You spent the whole afternoon witu Taehyung as he told you all about the audition.

He said he met almost everyone. Apparently, Jungkook wasn't able to be there at the time of the audition, and he only met 4 of the 5 members.

Hoseok, or J-Hope, was really funny. He welcomed Taehyung in the sweetest way. Taehyung said he secretly liked him the most. He was very nice, and he felt like he was trustworthy.

Yoongi, or Suga, was just quiet the whole time. He rarely smiled, and he seemed pretty mean. Taehyung said he was not very likeable, and that you needed to be careful around him, he did not trust him very much. But again, he just met them.

Namjoon, or Rap Monster, was a very funny yet serious person. He was fun to be around, but when he was showing Taehyung the choreography, he was very serious and professional. Tae said he liked him pretty much.

Jimin was fun too. All of them were pretty funny, and nice.

Jin was more like a mom. He cooked for them, and he had everything (mostly) planned already. He was a little more quiet than the rest.

You asked him a couple things about Yoongi, and he answered them all.

"Do you think he'd fall for me" you asked one time.

"Uh, I don't know. Maybe, I mean, you're pretty cute, but (Y/N), I don't think you should like him. I don't know, I have a bad feeling about him" he said to you in a very caring and sweet tone of voice.

"Oh okay" was all you said.

You thought about Taehyung's description of everyone and you started to have second thoughts on Yoongi. Maybe he really wasn't the one for you.

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