#13-Meeting new people

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I'm sorry this one's so short:(


As I walked around I stopped by a café. I took a seat next to a young girl who was probably in her 20's.

"Hey" she said smiling.

"Hi" I said returning the smile.

"I'm Sarah" she said.

"I'm (Y/N)" I said.

"You're not from here are you?" She asked.

I could barely understand her, though, my English was very poor.

"I'm from Korea" I said.

"Oh, my parents are from Korea too! I was born and raised here, though." She explained in Korean.

We spent the rest of the day talking about ourselves and other stuff.

Sarah had to leave about 1 hour after we met, she said her parents were coming over, so she was cooking dinner for them.

I wish my parents were coming over as well.

I continued my walk for about an hour more. I decided to go take a look at the car agency that was right around the corner.

I looked at them, but I didn't quite like any of them. A Honda car agency was right next to this Volkswagen one, so I went straight to the Honda.

I especially liked the Civic, it was classy, but not too elegant. I liked it, I'll consider buying it in a future not too far from the present.

I finished looking at all the cars and decided to go home.

From: Kookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Can u facetime?

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook
Sure, I'm walking home rn, so let me call u when i get there:3

Author's P.O.V

You finished typing and right when you clicked 'send' you bumped into someone causing you to drop your phone and other papers you had with you.

Someone you'd never expect to see again.

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