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You got in the plane still crying. Remembering all that happened just about an hour ago.

Jungkook was in your mind the whole time. It broke your heart to see him cry. The memory of him crying made you cry too. You never cried, but he, he was your weakness. You couldn't bear to see him cry.

"Are you okay?" Asked the person that seated next to you.

He was a tall man with pure white teeth, a charming smile, a raspy voice, and elf ears. He was pretty cute, to be honest, but you had no eyes for anyone that wasn't Jungkook. At least not for now.

"Yeah, I'm fine" you said wiping your tears.

"Here" he said offering you a kleenex which you gladly accepted.

"Thank you..." You said.

"I'm Chanyeol" he said.

"Park Chanyeol" he added.

"I'm (Y/N), (L/N) (Y/N)" you said smiling.

You talked through the whole trip. He was in a group called EXO. He showed you some of their music. It was pretty cool. You especially liked Lotto and Let Out the Beast.

"Where are the other people?" You asked.

"They're seating over there" he said pointing to the back of the plane.

A short, cute guy with eyeliner on greeted you guys from the back.

"So, why are you going to California if you have to go to college? Are you gonna study there?" He asked you.

"Yeah" you said.

"May I ask why you were crying earlier?" He asked you.

You felt a little uncomfortable by his question. He was very nice, but you just met him.

"It's fine if you don't wanna tell me" he said.

"It's fine. I was crying because I left someone very special to me in Korea. I was getting flashbacks of him crying and it made me feel very bad" you said.

"Oh, was he your boyfriend?" He asked.

"Ha, I wish. He was my best friend" you said with a small laugh.

"Oh, so your single?" He asked.

"Yeah, you?" You asked out of curiosity.

"Same" he said.

The whole plane was full of laughs and small talks. Some people even told you guys to shut up since you were talking to Chanyeol's friends who were all the way in the back.

There was this guy, he was very quiet, and he had big lips, and big eyes. He was a very interesting person.

Then there was the guy with the eyeliner. He was funny, loud, and very adorable.

Actually, they were all very handsome.

You got off the plane a couple hours later.

Chanyeol introduced you to all of the other members of Exo. They were all very nice.

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

We planned on getting dinner together, but when we got off the plane, a man told them to go to their dorm and that he was taking them.

Chanyeol explained that his manager won't let him go out until they get their choreography perfect. I simply nodded my head the whole time.

The eyeliner guy, Baekhyun, asked for my number and I gladly gave it to him. He told me he would call me tonight, I highly doubt it, though.


That night I remembered that Baekhyun, from High School left on our Sophmore year. Maybe Baekhyun from Exo could be Baekhyun from High School. And what about Kai and Sehun! There were people in Exo whose names were Kai and Sehun. Could they be the same people?

My phone cut me off my thoughts by going off.

From: Unknown
To: (Y/N)
Hey! It's Baek

I immediatly saved the number.

From: (Y/N)❤️
To: Baekhyun
Hii!! Just a quick question before i forget, did u go to hs?

From: Baek:3
To: (Y/N)
Yup, i quit on sophmore year to join Exo tho, u?

From: (Y/N)❤️
To: Baekhyun
Yup, i haven't quit tho😂 did u go to (insert name of school here)?

From: Baek:3
To: (Y/N)
Sameee! Oh I remember uuuuuu!! U were the girl Krystal would bully, right?

From: (Y/N)❤️
To: Baekhyun
Yup, and are sehun and kai, sehun and kai from hs too?😂😂😂

From: Baek:3
To: (Y/N)

From: (Y/N)❤️
To: Baekhyun

I kept texting Baekhyun for awhile when I got a text from another number.

From: Kookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Hey, (Y/N), I'm sorry about today. I hope u had a safe flight...

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook
Yup, it's fine, forget about it...

From: Kookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
So, friends again?

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook

I texted both people at the same time until both had to go.

Jungkook left to sleep, and Baekhyun had to practice.

I decided to take a nap in my hotel room. After that, I went for a walk.

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