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*Time skip*

May 30, 2018
Dear Jungkook,

JEON JUNG KOOK!!! You won't believe what happened today!

(Actually you will because I told you earlier today, but that's not the point).

I got an offer to go to California for college! Oh my God!! Amazing, right?

There's a sad part, though. There always is. I'll leave in a week. This way, I'll get a car, drive around the city, meet people, and just adapt to LA.

Yes, this is my last letter to you since I'm gonna have to prepare this week for my flight.

I love you, please don't forget about me, Jungkook. Don't be like my other friends that have already forgotten me. I know I'll never forget you.

How could I?

Everyone remembers their first love, so I'll always remember you.

Good bye, my Kookie❤️


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