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Written: September 1, 2017
Sent: September 1, 2017

Dear Jungkook,

You're officially 19!! You're 2 years older than me now! Congrats, my dear friend, you're old. I hope you had an amazing day!

Omg! You should've seen your face when you came in and everyone surprised you! It was hilarious!!! I'm glad you liked the party:3

I hope you had a nice birthday, and hopefully we can spend more of those together!!

Love ya!


Author's P.O.V

This letter was actually sent on Jungkook's birthday. It felt good. To (Y/N), It felt good to finally let Jungkook know how you felt, even though you never said how you actually felt about him 'til later on.

This was a start for (Y/N), an amazing start.

She never thought how many more of her letters would be sent though...


Happy Jungkook day to you guys!! He's officially 19!:3 And even though he's my 'oppa' (I personally prefer Hyung tho), I see him like our little boy😂 He's just so speacial to me, I don't know if you guys can relate...(Probably not😂)

Also, THANK YOU FOR THE 80 READS! You guys are amazing! Hopefully we can make it to the 1K reads in the future (?) That would be a dream come true...

I hope you guys have a great day/night (depends on where you live) -Andy❤️

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