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August 30, 2017
Dear Jungkook,

OMG YOU'RE ALMOST 19! Oh my! I can't believe it!:3 you're almost officially 2 years older than me. Good for you, I guess.

I haven't told you yet, and hopefully Seulgi has kept her mouth shut as well, but we're planning a surprise party for you. We invited all of your friends. Seulgi and I had our disagreements when I wanted to invite some people, but it's all good now.

We really hope you like what we have planned. Seulgi even tried to get me to sing! I definitely refused, though. I don't think you'd want me to sing. I know I don't want to, that's for sure, so she's singing instead. It's a duet with you. You're singing your favorite song! I immediatly knew what song it was, Seulgi has to memorize her lyrics, and well, you already know them!

I have nothing more to say since nothing interesting happens in my life, and when it does, you already know about it. So that's that!:D


Disclaimer: I know that by the time it is September 1, 2017, Jungkook will be 20, but I said he was 19, I know that. Just deal with it😂
7/10 letters!! Get ready for some drama coming up! It's all already written, just wait for more updates😏 -Andy

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