Moving On

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Count them off.
The liar, the cheater, the abuser, the fake.
Each and every one,
Shaping me into who I am.

I've tried moving on,
And I'm actually succeeding at my plan.

I've found someone better, and greater and kinder,
His love treating me like all of you can.

But he does.
He doesn't just try,
He does.

He tells me I'm perfect, and loves me like so.
Did any of you ever? No.
Maybe you have,
Maybe you had.
But you all left,
And seemed very glad.

I try to understand,
I try not to cry.
But it's very hard to comprehend,
I can't help but ask why.

Why did you lie to me? I just wanted to know you.
And why did you cheat? All I did was adore you.
Why would you hurt me? I did everything for you.
And why, oh god why, would you pretend to be someone else?

You've all left. But I haven't. I stayed where I was, and someone came to me. He loved me, he held me, he treated me kindly.

And I love him.

Don't come back.
Thank you so much to Jackie! They inspired me to write again. I'll try my hardest to pick things up and keep this updated. Thank you for reading!

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