33. The Big Day

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He didn't say a word, not one, but I could see his thoughts playing through his eyes.  I stopped in front of him and brushed my lips against his. 

"You look so fucking sexy Jay, I decided against panties knowing I'll be wet all day."  I whispered and he growled as he came back to life. 

"No panties?"  He asked as his tongue darted out to moisten his lips. 

"Nope.  No panties, no bra." 

"You're a naughty, naughty girl Mia."  His lips rose into a smirk and I smiled.

He took a step back and looked me over. 

"You look unbelievable Mia, so fucking classy and beautiful and sexy as all fuck."  His voice was growing deeper now.  "And no fucking underwear?  Are you trying to kill me?"

"Nope, I'm just letting my man know what's waiting for him whenever he wants it." I whispered as I lost myself in his eyes.

"I want it now."  His voice was deep and his eyes were deeper, as he used his finger to indicate that I should twirl for him.  As I stood with my back to him, his hands brushed my shoulders and his lips brushed my neck as he spoke. 

"I'm going to fuck you Mia," He began as he lowered the zip of my dress.  "and you're going to let me hear everything you're feeling." 

I stepped out of the dress and watched as Jay carefully placed it over the back of the couch.

He stepped in behind me and I waited in anticipation as I heard him lower his zip and undo his button. 

"Everything Mia, every little thing you feel, I want to hear it come out of those lips."

We both moaned as he easily slid inside with one sudden thrust.  His fingers were pressing into my hips as he held me in place, his strokes slow and deep. 

"I love being inside you Mia, I love how your sexy little pussy tightens around me and lets me know it's where I belong.  I love how fucking responsive you are, not just to my touch, but even at the thought of it." 

His words were magical and I reached down to feel his cock as he slid in and out, smiling as he drew a breath through his teeth at the unexpected touch.

I wrapped my free arm back and around his neck, letting him know my body was his.  I was careful not to lean against him, not wanting to wrinkle his shirt or his jacket.  I wished so bad that he was naked, that I could feel his skin against mine, that we could spend the rest of the day in each other's arms, but we knew the limo was on the way and we didn't have much time.

"I love it when you surrender to me babe, when you give me everything.  Heart, mind, body and soul." 

I cried out as he reached around and flicked my clit, my legs shaking as I felt my orgasm building. 

"That's it baby."  He whispered as he felt me pulsing around him.

His thrusts were deeper and becoming a little less controlled as I cried out incoherently. 

"Give it up Mia."  He whispered as he rubbed my clit harder. 

I felt the kick of his cock and with both hands back on my hips he thrust against that spot inside, that spot he knew was my undoing.

My body shook before everything tightened, my inner muscles clenching around his cock as we found our release together.  I felt him smile against my shoulder the moment his name left my mouth.

I held the table as Jay moved away, returning to run a warm wash cloth between my legs. 

"Fucking beautiful."  He whispered as he lightly stroked his fingers along my over sensitised pussy.

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