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August 23, 2017
Dear Jungkook,

1st day of school!! For me, it was so, SO boring without you!

Calculus was just BORING. The teacher's old and grumpy. I definitely need a friend like you to make me less likely to fall asleep.

Choir was pretty okay. My friend, Yu Ting, takes that class with me, so it was pretty fun.

Drama was awful! You know how shy I am around new people, and I know NOBODY in that class. I remember we both picked that class together, hoping we'd be together. I guess I never thought that there was still a chance that I wouldn't be in it with you.

Geography was hard, like always. It's boring, hard, and just ugh. I definitely need you to switch to my class.

Science was alright. Not too hard, not too easy. Just fine. We have a nice teacher, who actually explains everything pretty well.

The rest are just fine. Nice teachers, me being me, no one's in my classes, but I'm able to survive.

Oh, there's this guy, Taehyung? I think that's his name. He's in 9/10 of my classes. I tried talking to him. He's actually very nice, he's new here, so I'll start talking to him more often.

I wonder how you did today. I could text you, but you're most likely to be with Seulgi right now, I don't want to bother you. I'll talk to you tomorrow at lunch, maybe.


Author's P.O.V

(Y/N) left the piece of paper she was writing on that night sitting on her desk. No signature, no nothing. She basically just described how her day was and how she wondered how his day had been.

She didn't text him. She never does anymore. All she has mind for is her possible trip to California. Also, Jungkook's always too busy for (Y/N). They only hang out on some Friday nights.

Doubts were cleared out. She was the one that was possibly leaving. (Y/N) will have to leave her friends and family behind, if she accepts the offer; which hasn't been offered yet.

(Y/N)'s sister, Hye Min, (A/N- I just had to give her a name, you can change it if you want) is currently planning on going to college in Japan. She's always wanted to go there, learn their language and culture, so she'll be leaving for college; which is 1 year away for her, and 2 years away for you.

(A/N- the from part will be the name they have for each other)

From: JungKookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Hey! How did today go??

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook
Okay-ish, u??

From: Jungkookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
It went great! I have lots of classes with Seulgi, and my other friends and Yu Ting's in my calculus class!

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To : Jungkook
That's great! Good for u!:3 wyd rn?

From: Jungkookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Nothing really. Can I come over??

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook

From: Jungkookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Yup, can I?

From: (Y/N)👌🏻❤️
To: Jungkook
Of course!:3

From: Jungkookie❤️
To: (Y/N)
Cool, see u soon😉


A winky face.

He'd never sent one of those to you before.


Is this an indirect message?

It can't be. He's with Seulgi. He's happy with her, right?

Besides, it's just a winky face. He probably just put it there with no absolute meaning behind it. I'm just overreacting. You thought.

She would never expect what that winky face really meant.

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