1. Intro

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~Kamora Owens as Patience.
~Michael B. Jordan as Jamal.
~Evelyn Lozada as Queen.
~Donnell Blaylock as Knight.


I awakened to see Jamal easing into bed and roll my eyes in the dark. Here this nigga go with this bullshit. I shift to the complete opposite side of the bed, not wanting his dirty ass near me. I know he was probably out with some bitch. But shit. I don't care! He came home to me and cashed the fuck out on ME. Fuck them birds. But I still didn't want his used dick nowhere near me.

"Come here P."

I pretend to be asleep. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. I tried to move away. He held me tighter and buried his face in my hair. Great. Now my shit gone smell funky. Gone take me a extra hour to get dressed tomorrow. Well today. Its four in the damn morning.

"Why you running from me?"

I sucked my teeth, finally letting this nigga know I was up.

"Why you ain't stay with whatever lil bitch you was with. The sun bout to rise and shit."

He huffed in my hair and I sucked my teeth again. Whoever the bitch was she needed to wash better. His breath stunk. I snatched away from him and he slapped me on my thigh.

"Ouch mothafucka!"

I turn and glare at him in the dark. I can see his mugging face as he went for the light near our heads. I pushed his hand away and mugged him back. He don't need to see my face. If he did he'd see I was on the brink of crying. I ain't finna let that shit happen. He think he really ruling shit when he see he can hurt my feelings. I turn my back to him and wrap myself in the blanket, cutting off access for him. Not with a funky bitch pussy on ya breath. Fuck outta here!

"P, how I'm s'posed to get some pussy with you wrapped up like King Tut?"

"You ain't. Go wash your ass and mouth and I might consider it."

Knowing he wasn't going to I shut my eyes, holding tight to the rolls of the blanket. I don't do other bitches pussy residue anywhere near my hello kitty. He can drop dead before that shit happen.

I feel myself getting pulled and open my eyes just in time to see myself falling from the bottom of our fucking bed. And I hit hard.

"Since you wanna be a bitch sleep on the floor like one."

I look to see this nigga climb back in bed. Oh fuck no! Its time for another episode of Battle Zone! Knuckle up nigga!

I roll my ass out that blanket like a failed burrito and stood glaring at him. My lil ass charged up on the bed and began swinging at him. I was tagging that ass too. Then I felt him grab my damn titty and squeeze the fuck out of it!

I screamed as I fell back off of him. He climbed over me and started delivering his own blows, landing one straight jab in my eye. I immediately covered my precious face and curled into the fetal position on the bedroom floor. He kicked me a few times while calling me a lame bitch. Then he let up. It never lasted long. Well I usually did.

He tossed a pillow down to me and climbed back in bed.

"Go to fuckin' sleep!"

I sniffled softly as sobs struggled to escape. No bitch. Not today! I grabbed my blanket, made me a nice lil pallet and let the pain force me to knock out. Another round lost. But I'll have my get back. Just wait.


I awakened to my cell phone going off and moved away from my girl to get to it. I looked to the screen to see a message from one of my lieutenants. Trigga.

Trigga: We found out wea that nigga lay at

Me: Word? Meet me at the warehouse.

Trigga: Bet. 1

I got up out of bed and went to my closet. This nigga Jamal owe me some cash. Its petty dough. Only bout five G's. But shit give a nigga a inch he gone try to take a whole mile. I slipped on some cargos and a black T along with some black and white Converses. I grabbed a strap and headed out the door.

Time to get this nigga. Since he wanna fucking play with me. He better either have my shit or have my dough. No excuses. I didn't get to be on top this young by showing mercy to niggas. I walked over to my Escalade and hopped in before pushing it to meet Trigga.


Pulling up a few minutes later I notice this nigga was in his phone cheesing hard as fuck. He looked up when he saw me and nodded like wassup. I hopped out and held my arms out like what's good. We walked inside and he followed me through the rooms of niggas and bitched working to my office in the back. He sat across the desk from me and waited for me to get comfortable.

"What up son," I asked.

He shrugged as he rubbed over his head.

"Nigga laid off in a lil apartment. But I just found out some shit before you got here."

I looked at him like my nigga continue.

"This mothafucka laid up with my fucking godsister."

My eyes bugged the fuck out for a slice of a second. He didn't notice it was so quick.

"My pops took her in when we was younger. Something about her mama tryna hit on her and her pops wanted her out the house before she got hurt. P wouldn't stand up for herself I guess. But shit. This nigga got the audacity to be laxing when he know who he fucking with?!"

"Maybe he don't," I offered.

I remembered lil Patience. She was fucking aggravating. Always wanting to follow Trigga everywhere. Like the nigga had a cookie taped to his back for her lil chunky ass. She was a sweetheart though. I had a sister type affection for her. Back then. Before these streets made me coldhearted.

"He definitely do," Trigga argued. "But man I don't want my godsister hurt in this shit. So I wanna ask if we can give this nigga a lil leeway to come pay up. Like a week? Two tops."

I mugged him. He remained straight-faced. Nigga wasn't scared. That's why we rocked. He had heart. Something Jamal lacked.

"One week."

I stood and headed for the door. Well this was a fucking waste.


I turn to him.

"Thanks man. I'm with you when its time though."

I didn't respond. I walked back through the warehouse and back to my damn car. Wasting fucking gas and shit. This nigga could've fucking called. Got me traveling for a favor. He lucky we rock like that. Hell, wasting gas was wasting money too. Lol.

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