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Why is society so fuked up? Its basically brainwashing people to want the best of everything..

Society makes it seem like its terrible to be a darkskin and light skin is the only beautiful skin tone. And that's not the truth(everyskin tone is beautiful)  im learning to love my hershey skin hunty.

Society also shows alot of  skinny women but now its either be skinny or be thick or skinny wit a big booty its like you can't win with society. And society also acts like makeup is the key in life.. if you look at some of the biggest female  celebrities younger pics or pics without makeup  they were hit.😬😬

But what I said all that to say this is.....

Love yourself forget society and how they think you should look or how your body should be as long as you love you and doing good for yourself that's all that matters...

Half those people paid money to look like they look anyways.

That was just on my heart tonight...

Anyways leave your thoughts and comments...please tell others about our rant book..

I need Yall to start talking join in conversate I made this for US..


But how I feel about the topic?

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