32. D & M's

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"Who'd have thought that one little, and I mean tiny little, accounts clerk from Melbourne could stir up such excitement?"  He teased hours later as I lay in his arms. 

We had already discussed the events of the night and rehashed what had happened with his father a few nights earlier, so I knew he was only messing.

"Have you seen this little, and I mean tiny little, accounts clerk from Melbourne?"  I asked in my most seductive voice.  "What's not to get excited about?"

"Oh yes, I've seen her."  he whispered gruffly against my ear as he pulled me closer. 

"And truth be told, she's cast her spell on me too.  She has this quiet innocence about her," My breath was growing shaky as his words hit my ear and his hands glided over my body.  "this fucking natural beauty that comes from within and when she casts her beautiful green eyes on you its mesmerising." 

His fingers were circling my clit as his palm rubbed over my nipples. 

"Your eyes get drawn to her perfect little mouth when she speaks and it makes you long to taste her full lips, to claim her mouth with yours." 

He slipped his fingers inside me as he spoke. 

"Just the thought of touching her soft skin, of being trusted enough to hold her beautiful naked body against yours, to hear her moans as you pleasure her, makes the craving almost unbearable. And then she's there offering everything she has and you're left with the most beautiful reward....your name on her lips."

My body shuddered as he slowly drew my climax from my willing body, his name leaving my lips as he'd predicted.

What he wasn't yet aware of were the tears that ran down my cheeks, his words the most powerful aphrodisiac I had ever known.

"I love you Jay." I whispered the confession, knowing I wouldn't hear the words returned but feeling an all consuming need to tell him.

He turned me to face him, his face becoming tender as he brushed away my tears.

"Look at me babe." I slowly raised my eyes until I was lost in his. His hands gently cupped my face and he leant down and kissed me, pulling back so our eyes could meet again.

"I love you too Mia, so much it fucking hurts."

His lips brushed against mine as I absorbed what he'd said. He loved me? He fucking loved me? My heart soared as I grabbed the back of his neck and deepened the kiss, until we both pulled apart panting.

"That little, and I mean tiny little, accounts clerk from Melbourne came into my life and made me whole. She made me feel better about myself than I'd ever dreamed possible. She's so loving and so giving and downright fucking sexy, she had my heart from the moment we met."

He brushed away the fresh tears and kissed me again.

"It seems you've turned into the philosopher, so I guess I'm the action woman." I said as I reached down and gripped his erection.

Pushing him onto his back, I kissed my way down his chest, as he raised his head to watch my movements, his abdominals tightened and I traced each hard ridge with my tongue and my lips.

His groans encouraged me and I looked up as I lowered my mouth over his hard, pulsing cock. It wasn't long before I felt him twitching and I quickly moved and slid him inside me, our moans of satisfaction hanging in the air. He sat up and held the back of my neck as we kissed, my hips circling before rising and falling.

I kissed along his jaw, his neck, his throat, anywhere I could taste him. My hands were running down his chest, my fingers rubbing over his nipples. I needed to touch him, to taste him, to love him.

His hands moved down to my hips and he held me steady as he thrust into me, raw screams leaving my throat as he hit that spot within.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum." I cried against the crook of his neck, my fingers gripping his biceps as he grunted with each thrust.

"I love you Jay." I screamed as my pussy clenched him, pulsing around him as my body shuddered.

"I love you Mia." He grunted as he held my hips against him and emptied himself deep inside me.

We stayed that way for an eternity, chest to chest, our heads on each other's shoulder, our breaths forced out in short, sharp bursts. 

"I can't believe how fucking happy I feel right now."  He admitted and I smiled as I kissed his neck. 

"You're not scared?"  I asked quietly and he pulled back so he could look at me. 

"Scared?  Not at all.  I have a fucking beautiful woman at my side, a woman that I trust to look after my heart as she's trusting me to look after hers.  I'm not scared baby, I'm fucking ecstatic."

"I knew it the second I heard your voice Jay, I knew that you were going to find a place within me." 

He rocked his hips and I laughed. 

"Okay, let me reword that." 

He kissed my shoulder as I tried again. 

"I knew that my heart would belong to you and it scared me, but it excited me more.  Each weekend we spent together I left another piece with you until it was aching so bad, and then you showed up at work and I felt complete.  I felt so fucking complete."

"Let's go out?"  He said suddenly. 


"Let's go out, I feel like we need to do something.  Something to celebrate." 

"You're crazy." 

"There's no backing out now Mia.  I may be crazy, but I'm your crazy." 

"I like the sound of that Jay.  Mine."  I smiled.

It was 11.00 on a Thursday night and the city was alive.  We went to a club for a while but Jay was too restless to stay put, so we left after just one drink. 

"What do you want to do babe?"  I asked as I faced him.  "There's something going on in that mind of yours, spit it out." 

He nodded.  "You're right Mia, there is something I want to do."  He said cryptically.  "Will you please let me do it without fighting me?" 

We were looking deep in each other's eyes and I could see the torn look in Jays. 

"Okay."  I agreed.

He slipped the ring on my finger.

"It's a promise ring Mia. I know it sounds childish, but I want you to wear it and each time you look at it, I want you to remember 3 things.  I promise to look after you and keep you safe.  I promise to love you like you deserve and I promise to one day replace this ring with one that binds us together as man and wife.  I'm yours Mia and I want you to be mine.  Always."

I looked at the platinum ring with three tiny diamonds he had placed on my finger and my heart nearly beat out of my chest with the love I felt for him.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held my waist. 

"I promise to always be yours."

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