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Chapter 18

President Cotton and her entire cabinet of advisers were cross-referencing intel, trying to put an end to the reign of terror that this unknown madman had unleashed upon them. The country was in turmoil and martial law had been implemented. The world economy had plummeted, with no end in sight.

"Alright, everyone." she said, calling everyone in the Situation Room to order.

"Someone please give me a status report on the situation in Nevada."

"Madam President, all known survivors have been evacuated except essential personnel. Refrigerated trucks are being brought in and refrigerated warehouses are being requisitioned to store the thousands of bodies in need of identification, recovery, and/or disposal. It is estimated that we will have over one hundred thousand unidentifiable illegal immigrants, and we are working with Mexican officials to allow families in their country to identify their loved ones. In the alternative, we are preparing locations for mass cremations and burials. Additionally, I must inform this panel that John Casper's family did not survive the attack. The total death toll is 493,031, along with countless wild and domesticated animals. No trace of any foreign or toxic contaminates are presently in the water supply. As of today, there is no timetable for the rehabilitation of the city," said Felton.

The room remained silent, absorbing the enormity of the information. Many members felt overwhelmed by the event and helpless not being able to contribute anything to assist. Cotton recognized that most of them were useless.

"Have we had any success tracking his satellite feeds?" she asked.

Thomas Kneely of the NSA stood to speak. "From what we can tell thus far, they hacked into an old North Korean television satellite and projected viruses into the data streams of every communications satellite orbiting the earth. The program is more sophisticated than anything we've ever seen. The only way we can stop the transmission is to jam them or shoot them down; neither is a viable option. There are simply too many," he said, taking a sip of water. "Only thing we know for certain is that they couldn't have gained access to the North Korean satellite without a direct connection to the mainframe. We've been in contact with North Korean officials, but as expected, have received no assistance."

"That fat funny looking piss ant is worse than his damn father," said Cotton, causing slight laughter.

"To send his transmissions he has to use a satellite transmitter. That has to be done at the source, even if he is using a relay system." Kneely continued.

"Wait, let me make sure I understand what you're saying," Cotton replied. "He has to have a direct, on-site connection to send out his messages?"

"That is correct, Madam President. We tracked his last three transmissions to three different locations, none of which he could have had direct access to," said Kneely.

"So how is that possible?" asked Collins.

"We are working on that answer as we speak. We have strike teams ready to mobilize the second he comes back online. We can track the source location immediately."

"Excellent. There is no room for error. Understood?" she stressed.

"Yes. Understood, Madam President," Kneely responded.

"What do we have on this female assassin, Medusa?" she continued.

"Madam President, we have been trying to identify her for several years now. She has proven to be extremely elusive. We have several detailed descriptions of her but no photo or video. She carries an image distorter, which enables her to change her appearance through the eyes of a camera. The playback of her at the Nigerian presidential palace was Lucy Lu, the actress. Other times she simply appeared as a ghost. We do know that she is of Asian descent, possibly Japanese. And we know that she is methodical, precise, and well equipped with technically advanced devices," said Collins.

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