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Genesis and Victor sat in an exquisitely decorated dining room, deep in the mountain base, feasting on seared scallops marinated in red wine sauce. Beautiful scantily dressed women of various ethnicities moved about, waiting on them hand and foot.

A very old Russian man with very thick glasses sat in a corner playing a concerto on a string bass. The seventeenth-century English motif was infused with twenty-first century technology. The simulated candles of the large chandelier and candelabras around the room were light emitting diodes. Small orbs scurried about the floor, removing the slightest fallen debris from the expensive Persian rugs.

"I must admit; I did not expect things to operate this smoothly. The entire world is stunned and the United States has no idea how to respond," said Victor, reclining his automated chair from the table.

"Your lack of confidence is inconsequential. I understand that in your eyes the world looks like a checkerboard. But believe me, this is chess," Genesis chided, with a tall, gorgeous, Norwegian blond woman sitting in his lap. "Are we ready for the next stage?"

"Yes, Genesis," Victor replied. "The weapons are in place, waiting for your command. "

"Most excellent," he said, kissing the woman on her neck. "There can be no mistakes. This is the most essential part of the plan. If this fails, we cannot accomplish our ultimate goal."

"I fully understand. Everything was done as you specified," Victor replied, sipping a glass of Riesling.

"Very well," Genesis replied, placing a scallop in the woman's mouth.

She took it in, and two of his fingers, down to the second knuckles. "Please tell me you have information on our party crashers in Nigeria."

"Yes, I do. The trap is being set as we speak. I should have more information before the week's end," Victor replied.

"I want to deal with these people personally," Genesis noted, placing his saliva-soaked fingers between the woman's legs. She cocked her head back, as a shock of pleasure shot from his touch.

"I will make it so," Victor replied, nodding his head.

"Danika, dear, I will be enjoying the rest of my meal in my quarters. Please meet me there," Genesis whispered, patting her on her behind. "Oh, and pick a friend to help feed me. And to be honest, I could care less if you bring the food or not," he smiled.

"As you wish," she whispered, flustered, with his fingers still working between her legs. She reluctantly broke free, struggling off his lap, and approached a gorgeous well-built redhead. She grasped her hand and they both smiled at Genesis as they walked out of the room.

"You've done well, Victor. I will see you in the morning for ourbreakfast with Ms. Heather Cotton." 

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