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December 19, 1995

"Bitch, you gonna eat them fries?" asked Victoria Charles, better known as Vicki, or simply Vic, to her best friend Asia. Vic was the color of dark chocolate. She stood five seven, with the most curvaceous ass you could imagine and small perky breasts. Her mouth was her most attractive facial feature, with a small black mole on her top lip. She had a short Halle Berry haircut and dark brown eyes.

"No. Here," Asia replied, sliding the bright red basket across the table.

"What is wrong with you? You've been out of it all day, girl." said Vicki, as they sat in the school cafeteria, eating lunch.

"I'm cool. Just a little tired," said Asia as she pursed her lips. "I was up all night."

"Ahh. You and Tommy had a late-night session."

"No. Bump Tommy," she replied, balling up her face and shaking her head before quickly brightening back up. "Girl, I met a guy and we talked all night, on the phone."

"Hold on," Vicki responded, pointing her index finger in the air in front of Asia's face. "What in the hell happened between today and yesterday? And don't hold back shit."

"Let's just say someone came along and swept me off my feet," said Asia, unable to control her smile.

"Stop playing with me, bitch. Give me the who, what, when, where, and how before I beat your yellow, funny-looking-eyes self."

"Alright, alright . . . listen," Asia replied, laughing. "Right after I left you, Tommy picked me up. We were supposed to go to the mall, but he got a call and decided he needed to drop me off at his boy's girlfriend's house. Two chicks named Keisha and Tamika. I was pissed." she explained, wrinkling her face and sipping some hot chocolate. "So the three of us decided to go to the mall anyway. On the way, this fine-ass nigga pulls up in this beautiful Mercedes. He was smooth, but Ms. Ghetto Fabulous, Keisha, was hip to him and said he was a youngin'. I didn't care about any of that. He looked so damn fly behind the wheel of that car." She paused, reminiscing.

"Girl!" Vicki shouted. "Come on. What happened next?"

"Damn, Vic, hold your horses," she replied, refocusing her attention.

"Keisha honked the horn and he rolled down his window. They asked him his name and something real stupid. I must have been staring, at him, and didn't realize it, because he ignored them and asked me my name. Then out of the blue, he asked me to ride with him."

"Just like that?" Vicki asked, surprised.

"Just like that."

"I know you told him no," Vicki guessed, biting into a cold turkey sandwich.

"Well, I didn't get a chance, 'cause Keisha's hatin' ass got mad and pulled off.

But I told her to stop the car and let me out."

"What? No the fuck you didn't."

"Yes I did. And the heifer let me out, right on 202," she said and they both laughed. "He pulled up and let me in."

"You are crazy as hell."

"But wait, let me finish. His car was immaculate. He smelled so good," said Asia, taking in a deep breath, as if he was sitting at the table with them. "Come to find out, he was going to the mall too. He took care of something there and he invited me to dinner. I was in no hurry to leave him, so I said why not?" she continued, swirling her spoon around in her bowl of cream of broccoli soup, not eating. "He took me to a place in Virginia, called Copeland's."

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