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Chapter 12

The vintage nineteen sixty-four, two tone, black and grey Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II slowly pulled around the circular driveway of the presidential palace of Hadrat Okunun, following a procession of limousines and high-end automobiles, flanked with elite security personnel.

The vehicle approached the red carpet and the valet stepped up, to open the door, for the occupant in the rear. Her long, silky, and sinuous legs turned out of the interior and her delicate hand reach out for his, as he assisted her to her feet. Her black one-shoulder Versace dress, with a slit going up the entire right leg, clung to her incredibly athletic slender frame as if it was painted on by Da Vinci. Her jet black hair flowed straight down her back. Jade earrings complimented her intoxicatingly beautiful emerald-green eyes. Her darker than normal skin enhanced her beauty, but gave way to a taboo indiscretion of her Japanese mother.

Her escort joined her on the red carpet as they entered the palace. Her stride was as graceful as a world-class runway model's. It was prominent and purposeful, like the bait of the black widow spider attracting her mate. He handed their invitation to the head of security; it read "Ms. Suki Yamaguki and Guest, Emissary of the Japanese Embassy."

They successfully proceeded through a series of security measures. The head of security welcomed them inside, fully unaware that the real Suki Yamaguki and companion were peacefully resting in a Nigerian back alley dumpster with bullet holes in their heads, contemplating how their day went so tragically wrong, and that Medusa was on the premises.

"Ms. Yamaguki, may I introduce you to the President and his wife?" asked the Nigerian interior minister of foreign affairs.

"But of course, Mr. Gonclaves. I've been greatly looking forward to it," she replied, as he escorted them across the room.

Okunun noticed her immediately, as did every other straight man in the room. A known whore and womanizer, he was instantly attracted to this bronze Japanese siren. As she approached, she locked her eyes onto his and did not break the stare. She acted completely oblivious to his wife, standing next to him

"Mr. President, may I introduce you to Ms. Suki Yamaguki and her escort, Mr. Yoka Tegashi."

"Very pleased to meet you both. Congratulations on your new appointment, Ms. Yamaguki. This is my lovely wife, Jamila."

"Very pleased to meet you as well, President Okunun," she replied, only barely acknowledging his wife with a slight glance. "I was hoping you and I could spend some private one-on-one time to discuss some of the possible business opportunities between our two countries," she continued in an overtly flirtatious manner. Jamila's mouth flew open and she began to protest.

"Uhh, yes . . ." Okunun quickly responded. "I will have my office contact you and arrange something in the future. So please enjoy your evening, and if you need anything Mr. Gonclaves will be at your service," possibly avoiding a night spent in a guest room.

"Very well." she nodded. "Thank you for your gracious hospitality, and I look forward to our meeting, Mr. President," she added, moving on and ignoring Jamila.

Medusa expertly worked the room, greeting dignitaries from around the world while keeping eye contact with Okunun. He was in her web and didn't have a clue that death was so close. Her impersonation of Suki went smoothly and was only possible because she was just appointed to the position only days before.

Okunun sent a private message to Suki by way of his top security chief requesting her to meet him in his private study. She readily agreed and was escorted discreetly to the room.

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