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Chapter 9

The leader of GSF and the most sought after man in the world stood before an immense array of video monitors, maintaining a keen eye on international events. His exclusive technology gave him unlimited access to every satellite orbiting the earth. Military spy satellites, media, and communications satellites were at his disposal with the simple command of his voice. No encryption existed that he could not decipher.

"What did you think of her speech, Genesis?" asked Victor with his heavy Russian accent. He spoke slowly and deliberately with a bass-heavy voice. His chest, arms, and shoulders were built like Mount Rushmore. But years of good eating and lack of military discipline since the collapse of Soviet Russia had given him a gut that extended well over the expensive high-quality belt and custom-made slacks he was wearing. His face showed the effects of years of combat abuse, and he struggled to cover his balding head with the few strands he had left.

"She's feisty," responded the tall, blond genius with piercing blue eyes that never moved from the monitors. "If she was prettier, younger, and . . . much prettier, I would have to ask her out on a date. But let me be sure. Did she call me a cockroach?"

"And a rat," Victor said, smiling wanly.

"Yes . . . and a rat. She insists on pushing my buttons."

"Her response was anticipated."

"That is correct. But I don't have to like it." He sounded like a spoiled child.

"No, you don't," Victor added.

"She is forcing me to prove that she is no longer in control."

"I have already initiated the next event."

"Very good. Do you have anything on the individuals who interrupted our public execution of Othello Greene?" he asked, continuing to watch the monitors.

"I have nothing. Everywhere I turn leads to a dead end. I'm afraid we may have to wait for them to act again, to get a rope around their necks," Victor replied, clenching his fists as if around an imaginary person's throat.

"I am acutely aware of your ability to track and trap someone. Let's just make sure that it's before they cause any real problems."

"It has my undivided attention. However, we have another matter I feel must be addressed."

"And that is?" Genesis placed a hand over his mouth, thinking, what could he possibly know that I haven't already thought of?

"Okunun," Victor replied flatly.

"What about him?" Genesis asked as if it or he were trivial matters.

"He should be eliminated. He knows too much. He is a liability we can do without. The Americans will attempt to arrest, capture, or kidnap him, for questioning."

Genesis thought for a minute, took a deep breath, and said, "I agree. But it will be difficult. His security has been heightened. What do you suggest?"


The name pulled his attention away from the video monitors, and he turned to face Victor. "Medusa?"

"Yes, I thought it would be appropriate and necessary. We cannot afford any mistakes."

"A man could not have asked for a better partner. If you were a woman, I would have to marry you."

Not sure how to respond, Victor replied, "I feel the same way . . . I think."

"Well, it's settled. We will talk again after America's next tragicevent," said Genesis, turning back to the network of monitors.

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