Chapter 3

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I turned and there he was, looking at me with anger in his eyes. He got closer and it was visible that his anger was increasing.

"I'll say it again, what are you doing in here?" He asked. I looked at him with fear. My mouth was moving, wanting to respond, but no words came out. He looked at my closely and took the picture from my hands.

"I'm sorry" I finally said in a quiet voice, almost a whisper. He walked passed me and hanged the picture in its original spot. He turned to look at me and my first instinct was to look down. He was breathing heavily when he spoke.

"Follow me." With that said, he walked out the door.

I walked a few feet behind him, cautious not to do anything that would anger him more. We ended up in a room with a red door. He slowly opened it and the first thing I saw was a neat pile of clothes on a bed. He instructed me to get inside and I did. I went towards the bed and picked up the clothes. It was a plaid red button up shirt with a pair of jeans.

"The jeans are my sister's by the way. The shirt is mine but you can wear it" he said much more calm.

"Thank you" I said. He left the room and closed the door behind him.

I was not sure if the jeans would fit but I couldn't keep wearing this dress. I slowly took it off and starded putting on the jeans. To my luck, they fit perfectly. Next was the shirt. I buttoned it up and a delightful smell of cologne filled my nose. The shirt was big on me but it wasn't a big deal, I actually felt comfortable. I was not used to wearing these types of clothes. Drew would always make me wear expensive clothes and jewelry, all of them were gifts from him ofcourse. It didn't make sence. Why would he waste so much money on me and not love me? Guess he thought I would always love him if he constantly kept buying me expensive things, but that wasn't the case. I fell inlove with him because of all the beautiful things he would tell me, but they were all lies. My thoughts were interupted by a soft knock on the door. Before I could answear, he walked in. He looked at me, as if checking if the clothes fit. Seconds later, his eyes were back on my face.

"Are you okay with those clothes?" He asked, curiosity in his voice.

"Yeah, thank you" I responded. He stood by the door, not sure of what to do or say. Just as I was about to speak, he starded talking.

"Look, if you need anything tell me. I'll get you whatever you want just please tell me, don't do things behind my back" he said in a serious tone.

"So i'm going to stay here? I don't even know you" I said loudly.

"You're right, you don't know me but you don't have to know. And yes, you are staying here, I can't risk you being hurt again by that..."

"How do you know what happened to me?" I asked, interupting him.

He looked at me when it hit me. The man who stopped Drew last night was him. He saved me and brought me to his home. He took care of me. I took a few steps closer to him and studied his face. Sure enough, it was him. I remember that last night, before fainting or whatever happened to me, i noticed a pair of eyes just like his.

"You helped me... Why?" I asked.

"Don't say that, I don't help. Just stay here." He said in a harsh tone.

"Well can I atleast call someone!?" I yelled before he loudly closed the door. I tried opening it, but he had locked it from the outside. I starded hitting the door, refusing to stay in here like a caged animal. "Let me out!" I screamed atleast ten times until he opened the door.

"Here" he said while handing me a phone. I took it in my hands and called the only person who could possibly be worried about me right now. The phone rang for a couple seconds when finally someone answeared.

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