baby Leonardo and his daddy Zheng

six//family for family; it's only fair
[January 30, 2016
6:12 pm]

Chief Harris normally calm and pleasant demeanor slowly changed and his face contorted in an all - consuming anger. His nostrils flaring, eyes flashing and closing into slits, his mouth quivering and, slurring words that were unintelligible came spewing into space like a volcano releasing its pent up emotions into the darkness.

Hunter watched as his hands closed into fists and he crouched forward, to grip desk.

"Don't you dare mention my family in your whore mouth!"

Hunter chuckled at the Chief display of dominance, he didn't care. No one could make him back down anymore he's had enough of being everyone's punching bag.

"Whore. Wow that's creative. Is that the worst you can call me Marshall? I would have thought you would have some more creative words. I guess you're just getting old."

Chief Harris narrowed his eyes as his nose twisted into a nasty snarl. "You are a pathetic bitch who bent over for a wannabe Mafia gangster. How could you trade everything you trade everything you know for him?"

"Why not? I have someone who loves me, hell he cherishes me. He doesn't judge me for my actions or force me to be someone else. He wants the best for me and he will do what's best for me.

He loves me until his dying breath. He's my greatest strength and I'm his greatest weakness. Zheng Leonardo Lombardi-Fiu loves me. He would kill for me within a second thought. He would cut off his own hand before he raises it to me.

Can you say the same for Michele? Everyone has a breaking point but not Zheng. He wouldn't stop until he knows I'm taken care of."

Chief Harris snorted he didn't think Hunter really knew love least of all with the gangster. He thought the young man was blinded by the sex and money like everyone else.

"He doesn't love you. If he did you won't be in mess."

"Technically I'm not in this messy because I'm his spouse. He put a ring on me to make me untouchable."

"No he didn't. He didn't put that ring on your ring to protect you. He did it to protect himself. You're the only person who can take him down so he got smart. He put that pretty little ring on your ring do no one else can use you. You're an insurance policy nothing more and maybe something less."

"Funny, I thought Michele was doing the same thing."

"My family has done nothing to you." Harris hissed at Hunter. He was fuming at the comment but Hunter didn't seemed fazed.

"It's open season on your family. I'm gonna ruin your life and everyone in this fucking precinct's life too. Every day your gonna be waiting for me but it's not you I want.

It's your families, your officers girlfriends/boyfriends, parents, everyone you, and they love. I'm gonna find out all the secrets an flash them everywhere I can.

I will make your wife leave you're because your gonna go crazy over me. You will stalk my every move and breath. I'm gonna let you get close to where you think you have me in the palm of your hand. Then I'm gonna disappear like air because I can.

Your daughter will look at me like a father figure and I'll show everything I know. She be my heir. Your son will become one of my men and willing t die for me. I'm gonna take your family from you and your gonna watch me."

Hunter was prepared for it when Chief Harris launched at him. Gripping his neck threatening I crush his windpipe but it didn't scary him. He's been more scared of an elderly lady before he's scared of Marshall Harris.

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