I wanna clarify something

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Hii:3 First of all, Thank you for the 41 reads!! That means a lot to me considering 2-3 weeks ago I was still with 10 reads. Second, I want to clarify something because it may come to play soon. On (Y/N)'s last letter, there was a flashback. On this flashback, Seulgi was present. Some of you may think that she was his girlfriend back then. That's not true, they were originally just and they started to have feelings for each other (beacause... Who doesn't love our golden maknae!) They started dating when letter #02 was written (I'm going to start writing the dates after this letter is up, so please take a look at the dates, you'll need to have an idea of when everything is happening). I don't know if any of you got confused by the flashback. If you didn't, good for you! And if you did, well, I hope the info above helped:3 -Andy❤️

PS- I know the letter's dates aren't on an everyday basis. That's because if theu were, they would be extremely boring. I did them where only some are published. The other ones are just daily ilusions of (Y/N)'s. You know, when your crush says you're cute, when you talk to him, stuff like that.

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