Chapter 3

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Ivy's P.O.V
"Tiiiiimmmmmmeeeeeee" we all sang as the lights went down. The crowd erupted with cheers. For the first time today I could breath. The lights came back up and we all took a bow and ran off the stage. Daveed ran towards me and hugged me.
"You did it!" He said hugging me. He smelled so good! Snap out of it Ivy.
"Yes I did. I messed up a little in satisfied but whatever." He finally let me go.
"No you were perfect." He said kissing my forehead. I felt my face and neck become hot with blush. I smiled at him and he walked away. I hear squealing behind me. I turn around and realized that Pippa, Jasmine and Lin were watching the whole thing.
"Well what do we have here?" Lin said smiling.
"So much for he has a girlfriend." Pippa said smiling.
"Guys! Its not that big of a deal. He was just congratulating me." I said heading to my dressing room. I change and head outside to wait for Pippa. I was outside for about 5 minutes when Daveed and Nicole came out.
"Oh I forgot my phone. Wait here I'll go get it." Daveed said walking back inside. Nicole walked towards me.
"Ivy right?" H said looking at me.
"OK good. Don't think I don't know what your trying to do." She said catching me of guard.
"Excuse me?"
"I can see you trying to make a move on Daveed. Well its not going to work because he is going to purpose to me tonight!" She said. I stood there laughing to myself because I knew how Daveed was planning on breaking up with her.
"Good luck with that." I said. Daveed finally came out.
"You ready?" He said. Sh shook her head yes.
"I'll catch you later OK." He said looking back at me. Pippa finally came out of the theater.
"You ready?" She said. I said yes and got in her car.

Daveed's P.O.V
I drove to my apartment in silence. I planned to break up with Nicole. So I decided to break the ice.
"Nicole we need to talk." I said looking at her. She lit up like a Christmas tree. I was a bit confused.
"I'm listening."
"I think we should break up." I said.
"Yes I - what? You want to break up? Why?" She said
"All this pointless arguing is not worth the headache. And you have to admit, the spark just isn't there." She slapped me.
"It is because of Ivy isn't it? I knew you were cheating. Its a good thing I was only with you for the money and fan." She said crossing her arms. I huffed in anger.
"Get out." I said trying to keep my cool.
"GET OUT!" I yelled. She got out the car and I drove of.

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