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Hey! Thank you for the 40+ reads! I was bored today, so I decided to write another letter today. Especially since I'm going back to school tomorrow and I'll be very busy. Hopefully I can continue to 'surprise' you with updates throughout the week, I doubt it though. Everyone keeps saying how High School is very time-taking due to all the homework they assign. Okay, Enough with my school problems that you probably don't care about, here's your chapter❤️


August 22, 2017
Dear Jungkook,

Do you think I should go?

I want to go, but I know we've been planning to go to the same college since we were in the 9th grade of High School.

It would be a great thing to do, though. My parents want me to learn English, and moving there would be a huge help.

(A/N- (Y/N) currently lives in Korea, so let's pretend the letters are written in Korean and that (Y/N) can barely say 'hi' in English. Okay? Okay.)

I don't want to leave you, though.

I can't.

I need you.

I mean, I don't necesarilly need you, I used to live just fine without you, but now that we've met, I feel like having to live without you would be the hardest thing. You're part of my life. I need to have my daily talks with you. I know we can do that over Skype, Face Time, Facebook Videocalls, etc; but it won't be the same.

I don't know what to do, and writing is obviously not going to help either since you are never reading these letters anyway; but I need to let all of my stress out.


Author's P.O.V

Why am I even stressing about this? You thought.

This was just something I over-heard when my parents talked to the principal. I'm not even supposed to know this!

Maybe this was for my sister, and not me! I thought I heard my name, but my sister's name is almost identical to mine! I could've easily heard the wrong name. You thought.

You heard your parents talk to the principal awhile ago. They said something about sending you/your sister to Los Angeles, California. You didn't want to go, but you did at the same time.

On one hand, you didn't want to leave Jungkook, your other friends, and your parents.

On the other hand, you've always dreamed of going to college in U.S.A since you were in Elementary School.

You dreamed about this before you met Jungkook, of course.

Your parents weren't the nicest, and neither were your classmates. You felt like leaving to another country would give you a chance to start over.

College would be the best time according to you since every one's pretty mature by that age.

You continued your day like you usually do. Pretending you hadn't heard a thing. That night was a night full of thinking, and all of it was about one thing.

Was it you, or your sister who they wanted to send to California?

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