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Chapter 1

Iron and Anger

The Hogwarts expressed let out a stream of smoke as the driver blew the whistle.Children all around where waving to their parents and kissing them goodbye.

Lily Luna Potter looked back as she made her way to the train. She waved goodbye to her beaming father, the famous Harry Potter and his beautiful wife, Ginny. Lily turned around to look at her younger cousin Hugo who was wearing a wide grin on his face. They'd both been looking forward to this moment ever since James, Lily's elder brother who was now in 4th year, had started.

"BYE MUM and DAD!" yelled Hugo at his parents. Hermione and Ron where smiling. Hermione was happy because all her children where now going to be safe in Hogwarts, Ron was smiling because he'd finally got the house to himself and Hermione...wonder why...

Lily and Hugo dragged their trunks up into the corridor with the help of Rose and Albus, their siblings. Then the two of them walked of and left Lily and Hugo amoungst the flock of timid little first years.

"All aboard!" said the conductor and with on last blow of the whistle, they where off, to Hogwarts!

Lily and Hugo yelled one last 'Goodbye' to their parents, aunts and uncles through a window near the door.

Then they turned to face eachother.

"Where do we sit?" asked Lily nervously.

"I don't know.." said Hugo as the first years started getting into groups and ethier headind North or South of the train.

"Do you think we should go with James or Al and Rose?" asked Lily. Hugo shook his head.

"Lets try to make friends!" he exclaimed and they started waking.

Just at that moment a boy with sandy coloured hair and green eyes lost control of his trunk and it went crashing into Lily as if it had a mind of its own. Both Lily and the boy who was, very stupidly, still holding on to the trunk, fell on the ground with a big THUMP!

Many people had come out of their compartments in order to see what the commotion was all about. When they saw what was happening, they all sniggered and went back to what they where doing.

"What the hecks in this thing?" yelled Lily who had graduially been flattened by the boys trunk.

The boy got up and looked at her. Then he smiled.


"She likes you... Primrose" he added when Lily looked at him with a confused face.

"You named your trunk? Wow your more of a nut job then I thought you where!"

Hugo laughed.

The corridor was completley deserted other then them three.

"Hi, My name's Beau, Beau Matthews.." he said.

"Hey, my name's Hugo." said Hugo extending his arm. Lily watched as they shook hands.

"You know, it would help me if YOU GOT THIS TRUNK AND WHATEVER THE HELLS IN IT OFF ME!" yelled Lily. Her own trunk was lying some distance of.

"Wow has she got a temper!" said Beau grinning. Hugo laughed then caught Lily's eye.

"We better get it of her.."

Beau and Hugo bent down and grabbed either and of the trunk and haued it up.

"Wow! This is heavy, whats in it?" asked Hugo.

"Oh just a couple of school books, a cauledron and my owl in her iron cage.." said Beau a-matter-of-factly.

He turned to Lily.

"Um, Hugo? is it normal for her eye to twitch like that?"

"Nope! It mean she'll want to tear the person who did it limb to limb...oh no..Beau, stay perfectly still, don't move a mausle and don't under any circumstances show any fear..I'll calm her down.."

"It's that her name?"

"Yep..Lil's. Come down..It doesn't matter if Beau had a am iron cage, a couple of school books and many other heavy items that nearly killed you.."

"Hugo, don't think that's helping!" said Beau.

"Oh no, she's going red..there's one thing left to do Beau, grab your trunk and...RUN!!!"

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