Letter To My Reflection In The Mirror

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Dear Reflection,

There are days where I could just throw the mirror off a cliff. 

Those are the days when you're not being who I want you to be. I hate it when I look in a mirror, see myself, and wish it wasn't me. Not because of my looks. Not because I'm afraid of not being beautiful. Because I'm afraid I'm not being the person I should be.

I know you have your bad days just like everyone else. You have plenty of faults too. You're stubborn, hate being told what to do, have trouble saying "no" to people, and have a quick temper.

On a positive side, you love making people laugh, you hate to hurt anyone, and you go through life assuming every human on the face of the planet is wearing a sign around their neck that says "Free Hugs"

I wish you were a better person. I truly do. There's so much you... I... can improve on. Generosity, kindness, mercy.... the list goes on.

If I could pray with you, I would pray that as the new year starts, we could become better people. That we... no, not we. I. I can be the light that God wants me to be.

Thus far I have avoided destroying the mirror. I don't want to see my reflection and be ashamed of what I've done, or who I've hurt. I'd like to be completely confident in who this reflection is, and know that I can hold my head high.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm insecure and am trying to change myself. I'm proud of who I am! I am me, and that's really all that mtters. I'm not going to let anyone change who I am on the inside. It's just that there are certain qualities that I need to work on so badly, areas that I really need to improve.

And that is my prayer. I want my reflection to be someone I can be proud of.



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