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"I haven't seen you in forever and you're packing your bag again?" Justin exclaimed quite dramatically as I shoved clothes inside my duffel bag. After spending about five hours in the cafe with Vic, doing completely nothing but just talking and holding hands and laughing and excessively blushing (mostly on my part), I decided to head back to my dorm to pack some clothes and maybe hit the bed early. I still feel so tired due to lack of sleep because of the happenings this weekend.

I rolled my eyes at him although he basically cannot see me do so. "Shut up. It's not like you'd be staying here in the next two days. I bet you've already made plans to go out on those disgusting parties somewhere."

He looked at me seriously for a few moments until he broke it and smiled shyly. "Dammit, you know me too well." He muttered and fell face-first on his own bed, a grunt escaping his mouth. "By the way, I didn't know that you went with, um, what's his name again?"

I zipped up my bag and dropped it on the floor, sitting down on my bed and looking at him with raised eyebrows. "Huh?"

"Your boyfriend, what's his name?"

I almost choked on nothing as soon as Justin said those words. He sounded absolutely curious and serious, not a tinge of humor in his voice. "Vic is not my boyfriend." I said simply, shifting on my bed uncomfortably. That sounded way too awkward coming from him. I never imagined myself having a boyfriend before. I've always been attracted to women but I guess the girly features are a turn-off, seeing as whenever I try to talk to them, they always mistake my attempt of flirting to casual complementing, resulting in us being friends instead.

"Oh. I thought you're dating him. Anyways, so he met Mary and Kayla. Things are getting serious, huh?" He said, looking up at me with wriggling eyebrows. I grabbed my pillow from behind me and swiftly threw it straight to his face. "What?!"

"It's not like that, you doofus." I said with my eyebrows kitted together. "I just- I just let him tag along, is all."

"Oh, sure. And you didn't even invite me first? I'm the best friend here!"

"Stop being so dramatic. Besides, as if you'd want to come with." I said with a roll of my eyes, earning a scoff from him.

"You wouldn't know, maybe I would have agreed."

"Well, would you?"

He thought for it for a moment before answering, "No."

"See?" I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in surrender and slumping back down on my bed, almost ready to finally end the day. Maybe I'm a tad bit excited for tomorrow, I don't know. I just want to go and see Vic again. Do I sound too clingy now? I don't think I care. "Don't you think this is weird?" I asked all of a sudden. I flicked the lights off so I'm not able to see Justin's reaction, which is great. I'm afraid he'll look at me disgustingly.

"What is?"

"Me, being attracted to a guy?"


"No?" I mimicked his small answer. He sounded so unsure and I was dreading this but somehow, I wanted to let it all out. Sure, my mother basically ships it but, I need a friend's opinion.

"I mean, of course I was shocked when I first saw you guys here but come on, it's 2016, the only thing that we should be thinking about is world peace or something." He said and I could hear that he is being serious and genuine and honest. I like that about Justin. He may get through anyone's nerves and he may be brutally blunt but when it comes to times like this, I could count on him on being straight-up honest.

"Don't look at me differently, please?" There it goes. That's where my worries mainly swim around; people looking at me differently because it seems different to be liking someone from the same gender. I can't blame them, I used to have the same opinion.
Then again, maybe it's just with Vic that I feel this way? I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm stressing this out too much.

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