Chapter 1

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2 Years Later

It's been 2 years since I've talked to Liam. When I first found out I was pregnant I tried calling and texting him. He answered but just to say he was too busy to talk. I just stopped trying and he didn't even call me so he probally forgot about me.

I had my beautiful baby girl Ava Marie Pendelton eight months later. She is my world. I just think it's sad that she won't have her father in her life. But I have moved on and she at least has a father figure in her life. My boyfriend's name is Luke. He is so good with her. He is also such a good boyfriend and he is really handsome.

He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He's actually from Australia but moved here with his three other friends. His friends are so fun to be around too. Their names are Ashton, Calum, and Michael. When they come over with Luke they always play with Ava and make her life so much.

I am now 18 almost 19. My birthday is August 31 so really close too Liam's(By the way that is my actual birthday

When Ava was born my mum and my brother helped me out with her. My mom was disappointed that Liam just forgot about me but my brother just wanted to beat his ass for it. The reason my dad is not in the picture is because he left us when I was only 4 and my brother when he was only 8. They both actually approve of Luke and think he is good for me.

Luke is actually in a band with his friends. They're called 5 Seconds Of Summer or for short 5SOS. They are pretty big on Youtube. Actually Luke and his friends are planning on coming over today. I just put Ava down for her nap when there was a knock on the door. "Must be Luke" I mumbled.

I walk to the door and open it. When I open it they all have animal beanies covering their faces. One has a penguin one on. I can tell that one is Luke because penguins are his favorite animal. Another boy has a monkey one on. I can tell that's Calum because he wears it like all the time. The other two I can't tell who's who.

"You guys are idiots. Come in but be quiet because Ava is asleep," I tell them. They all walk in and take off the hats off. When Luke takes off his he comes over and gives me a kiss. "Hey babe," he says. "Hey," I say back.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask them. "We were bored and wanted to visit you." Ashton says.

"Okay. What do you guys want to do?" I ask. "I know what I wanna do" Luke says then comes over and starts to kiss me. "Gross! No PDA!" Ashton shouts. Luke pulls away and I giggle. "Actually we were think of having a movie day" Calum says. Then Michael pulls out a huge stack of movies from behind his back.

In that stack of movies there is Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, and whole bunch of scary movies. We all decide to watch Mean Girls because Ashton loves it so much that he practically begged to watch it.

About half way through the movie all of their phones begin buzzing like crazy. When they pull them out their faces are full of shock and excitement.


Author's Note

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't really updated in awhile. And there is probally gonna be slow updates. But on a good note the chapters might get longer and I just had to add my other obsession and if you look at the cast list you will see them! Love you guys! And thank you for reading. I honestly didn't think I would have any readers at all.

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