A Marshmallow's Romeo

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I know I'm not as young as I used to be,
No longer desirable to many.

My skin has become hard and cracked from age
And my heart from heartbreak.

All of my friends have married. They met a nice
chocolate or graham cracker and never returned.  Didn't even sent a card.

I'm always overlooked now.
Most of the younger ones have already left

But I haven't left yet.
I'm still looking for something.

I've grown old in this bag. It's been
Years but I haven't been picked yet.

Today a hand reached into my bag
And grabbed me. I was freed from my prison.

No longer confined, I look around and a fine
Fellow catches my eye.

We start chatting-
Small talk, mostly.

I find out his name is Hot Chocolate and
that he's been outside of the cupboard before,

But not out of his container.
I can relate.

We grow close very quickly and
I realize that I am very fond of him.

We get tossed into a mug abruptly
And I feel the barriers I've built over the years break down.

The cracked skin becomes smooth
The hard heart becoming soft.  I'm starting to melt.

My skin burns and I realize,
I have two choices:

Leave, live and never see Hot Chocolate again, or
Stay, and melt in the arms of my first friend I've had in many years.

I chose the latter.
My time is running out quickly.

Bit by bit, I'm melting away,
The pain is excruciating.

Hot Chocolate tries to comfort me
With his kind words, but it is all in vain.

My last few moments are quiet,
Neither of us says much.

In my last moments, I'm weak, barely able to move.
I hear Hot Chocolate say something so quietly, I nearly missed it.

"I wish we had more time. I love you."
I wanted to tell him that he'd be

Okay.  That everything would be alright in the end,
But I had no time.  As my vision began to darken, I knew my life was drawing

To a close. So, I settled with four words I thought would be best
"I love you too."

Then, everything went black and
My world ceased to exist.

A/N: Another school project, but more recently written. I hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to vote and comment!

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