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So this chapter is a little bit shorter than last ones, but oh well

"Juniper." I repeated. My wolf, Damon, grinned. "That is a lovely name. Would you like something to eat, my dear?" She shook her head and I frowned. She was so skinny. How could she not be hungry? "Why is she so thin? Have you not been feeding her?" I asked Alpha Mason.

"I-There was a famine and we couldn't feed everyone."

"It looks to me that there is plenty of food." I told him, gesturing to the plentiful spread before us.


"Is it because she was an Omega?"


"It is, isn't it?"

"Your Majesty-"

"Silence!" I shouted, standing. I saw my Mate fall to the floor on her knees in submission. I touched her shoulder and she flinched. It tugged at my heart that she would think we would hurt her. They've hurt our Mate, Vincent. I can sense it. "What have you done to her?" Alpha Mason and his brother looked at each other, but neither spoke. "Answer me!"

"We hit her, Alpha King." Beta Carter cried, falling to his knees. "My brother and I both did. He raped her every night and I was going to too. Please, Alpha King, spare us." He confessed. I saw fire. Not on Carter, but on Mason. He took what was mine. He took her innocence! I lunged over the table to Mason, attacking him. I heard screams from the maids, but I didn't care. I was going to kill him. 

I grabbed his neck and squeezed. "How dare you take the innocence of what does not belong to you!"


I was tired of his pathetic begging already. I twisted his neck, letting his body fall. My Mate gasped and covered her eyes. "Carter."

"Y-Yes, Alpha?"

"You are the Alpha of this pack now. Be wise."

"Yes, Alpha."

I looked over to Juniper who had her hands over her eyes, tears spilling out of them. I felt my heart clench. We had scared her. I touched her shoulder and she flinched away, making Damon howl in sorrow. I picked her up and she whimpered and looked away from me. "Where is your room?" She didn't answer so I pulled her chin towards me. "Where is your room?" I repeated. She pointed up to the stairs and we made our way. 

I found that it was at the very top,like a princess' tower, but what I saw was not princess living at all. There was a thin mattress with an alarm clock beside it. A few clothes scattered the ground but that was it. Juniper grabbed a random plastic bag and shoved her belongings inside of it. I watched as she tied the bag and looked around one last time.

"Are you ready?" She just nodded her head and followed me down. Mason's body had already been removed and the shock had worn off. "Good bye, Alpha Carter. I trust you will have the ceremony tonight and find your Mate soon."

"Yes, your Majesty."

"Very good. If that is all than we'll be going now."

"Safe travels, your Majesties." He bowed and I grabbed Juniper's hand, leading her to the limo. Her eyes widened and she slightly gasped. I was happy I could impress her. I opened the door for her and she climbed inside her eyes looking around in awe. 

"Would you like some wine?" She looked at me, puzzled. "Do you know what wine is?" She shook her head. "It's like grape juice. Have you ever had grape juice or grapes at all?" She nodded her head and took the glass, sipping a little. She squinted a little, but soon grinned. "Do you like it, Little One?" I asked. She nodded and continued to look around. Her elbow hit the radio with the volume all the way turned up. I covered my ears and looked up at her, expecting her to turn it off, but she didn't seem affected by it at all. I reached over and turned the music off, my ears ringing. I looked over to Juniper in disbelief. There was no way she didn't hear that. Unless...

"Juniper...are you deaf?"

He found out! See you next chapter, Beauty 

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