Chase, Are You Smitten?

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An hour later the band has vacated the stage, and there's some rock music coming from the jukebox, it's made talking easier. The whole table is still chatting, seats have been switched, and they're in small personal groups of two. Vance and the bleach blonde are getting chummy, and I won't be surprised if they cut out early. Vin has surprisingly moved onto the other blonde, and Nate with the brunette. Shawn and the red head have seemed to hit it off, and it may be him who let's them know if she's a natural.

The brunette, Jenna, I think, was trying to pull me into a conversation. I wasn't feeling it, I was polite and answered her questions but didn't really make it out to be anything more. I think she got it, and moved on to Nate.

I finished my third beer, and went to the bar to get a water. I'm not even close to being buzzed, but I'm responsible for getting these guys home. Well the ones that plan to go home, I may just being driving to my house alone.

I approached the bar and took a open stool, there was only one bartender working at the moment. She was a petite, tan little thing. Her black hair was long and thick with a red bandanna wrapped around her head, she had on a black shirt, that said Slider's across her chest, the shirt ripped in slits above the bar name, show casing a nice set of tits in a neon green bra. The sleeves were ripped off,showing a full sleeve tattoo covering her right arm. It was too dim to make out what it was exactly, looked like flowers and some swirls. She came up to get my order, that's when I really could see her face, black make-up lined her brown eyes and she had a piercing above her plump red lips. I asked for a glass of water. She smiled and said, "Sure thing cutie."

If I wasn't so hung up on another brunette, I'd be trying to get this girls' number but V has me under some damn spell.

Speaking of..

I pull out my phone, and shoot a text to V. While she was focusing on the pizza that Taylor brought, I quick programmed my number in her phone, sent myself a text, then deleted it. Was it smart? Probably not. I've lost all common sense when it came to her. I'm turning down women for shit sakes!

The bartender drops the water on a coaster in front of me, "Here you go."


My phone pings, "Need anything else?" she asks.

"No I'm good." She taps the bar top, and saunters to the other end of the bar. That's when I notice the back of her top also has slits all down the back.

I unlock my phone to read V's message.

Nic: Jerry's sad. :(

I send a response.

Me: Jerry will get over it.

I find myself smiling at our conversation. For obvious reasons, I couldn't put her in my phone under her actual name or nicknames. The chances of the guys seeing my messages or her name popping up on my screen isn't one I'm willing to take yet.

"Water already?" A voice comes from my right, I glance over my shoulder as Vin strolls up to the open spot next to me.

"Yeah, Yeah." I say to his teasing, putting my phone down, giving him my attention.

"You may just get off the hook on taking us all home."

I laugh, "I kind of figured, but I still gotta get my ass home."

"True." He pauses, "So what's up with you? I saw that chick trying to get you to talk.."

I shrug, "Yeah, I don't know. She's pretty but I wasn't feeling it."

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