Chase, Are You Smitten?

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 The bar is crowded, and there's a live band playing, so not only is it crowded, it's loud

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The bar is crowded, and there's a live band playing, so not only is it crowded, it's loud. We grabbed a couple high top table towards the back, pulling two together to accommodate us. It's a little less noisy, but still requires us to shout.

"I'm gonna go get the first round!" Vance shouts and walks to the bar on our left. I take in the band at the front of the place, there's a small stage that's raised. They're not half bad, currently playing a cover of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I drum my fingers on the table, enjoying the music.

Vance returns with our first round of beers, "Check out the table straight ahead." He shouts among us. I lean around him and spot the table he's talking about. Four hot girls occupy it, two blondes, a brunette and a redhead, all dressed up for a night out. The brunette holds my attention, her long hair almost reaching her waist. It immediately reminds me of V. Fuck!

"Nice bro."

"Yeah, dude, the blonde...." he makes a gesture with his hands in front of his chest. "Nice."

I laugh, and take sip from the bottle Vance set in front of me.

"Wonder if the redhead's a natural, I can take her home and find out." Nate says next to me, then nudges me with his elbow.

"Thinking mighty high of yourself Nate." Shawn says.

Nate smiles wide, "I'll let ya'll know tomorrow."

"Not if I find out first." Vin smiles.

"Alright. Okay." Nate nods, "Game on."

"Watch this junior." Vin stands up, taking a sip of his beer and walks over to the table. We're all quiet as we watch him talk to the four women, chatting them up for a bit. The ladies are eating up whatever he's saying, and then they all glance our way. The red head nods, then starts to stand up, her friends following suit. They grab their drinks and belongings, then head our way.

"Damn." Shawn says.

"It's in our genes." Vance says smirking, then stand as Vin and the girls approach our table.

"Guys.." Vin says and turns to the girls, "Say hello to Kylie, Erin, Raquel, and Jenna." he gestures to the two blondes, the redhead, then the brunette. I don't know how he remembers their names so quickly, I've already forgotten.

"Ladies this is my brother Vance," he points to Vance, "and our friends Chase, Nate, and Shawn." gesturing to the rest of us guys. We all exchange hellos. Vin pulls another table up, making more room for our new company. The girls sit near each other, and Vin goes right into chatting up the red head.

"What are you ladies drinking? Let me buy you each a drink." Nate waves over a server, and he flashes his cash. They rattle off some weird drinks to the server, and I see the one blonde eying him up. The redhead still chatting with Vin. I don't think Nate is gonna be taking her home tonight.

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