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Pen Your Pride

After eating some cookies with Charlie, Alexander said we need to go somewhere so we said goodbye and he picked me up in his usual position. Which is me straddling him and his hands on my butt. I don't mind it and I'm to afraid to say no to him. We got outside and I saw the people there look at me with smiles and bowed their heads which confuses me because just yesterday they looked at me with disgust.

We got to the front and some guy pulled up in a really nice black and white car. It looks very expensive.

He opened the door for me and sat me down making sure I had my seat belt on

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He opened the door for me and sat me down making sure I had my seat belt on. He went to the other side got in started the engine and drove off.

" W-where are w-we g-going Zandy? " I said which made him chuckle.

" Where we are going, my little kitten is a surprise. " He said putting a hand on my upper thigh. I shuddered in response and my cheeks went red. He started rubbing my leg inching closer up my leg and I was breathing heavily and staring as it moved. He looked over at me and had a grin on his face like he knew the effect he had on me.

After about ten more minutes we pulled up to this really big mall that had a lot of people. He got out the car and came around to my side. He slipped some flip flops on me before taking out and wrapping his arm around my waist letting me walk on my own. He gave me a squeeze on my butt as if letting me know not to leave his side. Which I would never do, not like I could.

When we got in we got stares from a lot of people probably because I'm a tiny girl with the most dangerous alpha in the world. We got to a store that had a 21 at the front but I didn't get to see the other word.

" Pick out anything you want kitten " He said looking at me.

" I-I don't w-wanna sp-spend your m-money " I said fiddling with my fingers.

" But I want you to. So go " He said lightly tapping my bum to go. I think it's his favorite thing about my body. I went over to the clothes and picked up my size but realized it was a lot of money so I put it back. I turned around to be faced with an angry Alexander.

" Why don't you get that shirt? " He asked crossing his arms.

" It's a-a l-little pricey? " I said in more of a question.

He sighed. " Listen up employees of Forever 21 I need you to get me one of everything in this store size small and shoe size 6. And if I think you're holding back we're gonna have some problems. " He said and all the employees rushed to get the clothes and I just started at him in shock. He gave me a small smirk and went out of the store to the middle of the mall and started talking again.

" Attention employees of this mall!! I need one of every single piece of woman's clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, perfume, makeup and anything else they use or need in this mall! Size 6 in shoes and small in clothes! You may begin! " He said coming back to pick me up in the usual position. He started walking to the food court and I could hear in every store, people rustling and rushing trying to get everything.

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