getting more serious

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Heyy guuys i decided to keep you waitin till another update but for a hint of whats going to happen this chapter is for you! again thanks for being really good fans and if you want to have you name be in my story im goin to pick the first person who ether comments or sends me a message and ill have your name somewhere in the story ! stay reading and again stay tuned for the next update sorry i didnt do it this time but anticipation is good ! :)

"Adam put his arm around me. We watched Ridiculousness and lauhed then we had a food fight with popcorn. i had a great time! i cant wait for our next date!" i put my journa on my bearue and walked to the kitchen for some snacks. Then my phone vibrated . It was vikki

"Heyy wats up?" it said

"Comeover!" i said

"Whats goin on girlll" vikki walked through the door

"Hey vikki "

"Aunty!" natalee walked into the kitchen from her nap

"Hay sweetheart whats up !" she scopped up natalee

i turned on the tv to dora. (natalees favorite show)

Nataee jumped out of vikkis arms and threw herself onto the couch

"Shes been good !" i said

"Really did she ever o through the terrible twos?"

"Nope shes been amazing i cant belive i had the only girl who didnt go through her terrible twos how lucky am i ?"

"and to have an amazing boyfriend!" she smirked "How did that go?

"Great he played with her the whole time at the park he should be coming in like 5 minitues. Want a snack or somthing to drink"



*"can you find the red hill?"* dora sounded

"Right there!" natalee said

"Thats right " dora said

Knock knock!!

"ill get it han" vikki went to the door and opened it

It was adam!

"Hey hey beautiful" adam hugged me and gave me a kiss

"DADDY!" natalee jumped off the couch and into adams arms

"Shes really taken a liking to you huh?" i smiled

"Since when has she started calling you daddy?" laughed vikki

"Yesterday" adam laughed back

He kissed natalee and put her down

Then we all watched more Ridiculousness

After i put natalee to bed vikki left adn it was just me and adam

My mim and dad were on vacation in bora bora and told me to stay here with my grandma and ntalee and grandma was always out with her bingo friends.

Me and adam had a great time as usual together !

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