Zak Bagans one-shot

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-Zak Bagans-

"She's coming intown today."Aaron says with a smile,picking up a picture and starring at it before placing back on the counter.

I pick it up and look at it.

It was a picture of him and his step sister Taylor.

She stood beside him,smiling that sweet angelic smile,though I knew her too well to fall for that charade.

In the picture she was alittle pale with long dark brown hair and lime green eyes,though the never stayed that way for long.

They changed like two beautiful moodrings.

Aaron told Nick and I that she had changed over the years that she's been living in Brazil and Jamacia.

In this picture,Aaron said it was the last time either of them wore real colors.

Taylor wore a white tank under a baby blue button down,faded blue jeans and a pair of Converes.

I smiled at her,thinking of what had changed.

"Man,don't obsesse."Nick says softly,patting me on the shoulder.

I look up and glare at him.

"Guys,she's here."Aaron says happily,throwing open the front door and running out to his step sister.

Nick took his phone out and called his wife that her best friend was back in town.

I leave him in the kitchen,talking to his wife,and walk out onto the porch.

I can't help but stare when she opens the door to her candy apple red Ferrari.

She was now tan with long jet black hair and nearly nion green eyes.

She wore a black G.A.C. shirt,cut to just below the words and a triangle was cut down to the top of the letters,ripped up black jeans,and black steletoe heels.

She smiles and hugs Aaron before looking over at me.

Aaron follows her eyes and takes her hand,leading her to the house.

"This isn't all that's changed."Aaron whispers,walking past me and into the house.

Taylor walks up to me and pushes me to the wall beside the door.

"Aren't you gonna welcome me home,pretty boy?"She asks,smiling that dazziling smile and running her hands over my chest.

"If I do it the way I want to,Aaron will kill me."I whisper softly,pulling her into my arms,making her shiver.

"I've missed you."She says softly,wrapping her arms around my neck.

 "What did Aaron mean by,this isn't all that's changed.?"I ask softly,pulling her away and sitting her on the porch swing.

I look at her for her answer when Lora,Nick's wife runs up and hugs her,pulling her away from me.

Lora hugs her,pulling her off of the swing gently so that her back starts to slowly rise out of her jeans,showing a heart with a ribbon around it saying 'I love Ghost Adventures',and having letters in the heart.

'Z','A','B' was in the top left corner of the heart.

'A','A','G' was on the bottom edge of the heart.

'N','M','G' was in the other corner with G.A.C in the middle of the heart.

I blushed and stood beside her.

"How have you been?"Lora asks,glaring at me to back away from her.