Final Fantasy ~Cloud and Tifa~

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Chapter 1: Cloud's Arrival

Tifa sat in her bed, gazing at the picture of herself, Denzel, Marlene and Cloud. She sighed.

She felt very lonely at the bar without Cloud to have an adventure with, to make her laugh, cry or smile.

Denzel and Marlene were playing by the old church nearby them therefore Tifa was alone in the 7th Heaven that was rebuilt along the Edge.

She sighed once more and got a flashback of when Cloud made her the promise.


It was a bright sunny day. Cloud and Tifa were sitting on a bench.

Tifa: Hey Cloud, Listen can you make me a promise?

Cloud: Yeah sure.

Tifa: If you ever become famous, will you help me out if I'm in a pinch?

Cloud: W-What?

Tifa: You know, my hero to save me when I'm in trouble. C'mone just promise.

Cloud: Fine... I promise Tifa.

~Flashback Ends~

She sadly glanced at the vivid picture of Cloud. She missed him badly and hoped he came back soon so that she could feel happy, safe and comfortable.

She glanced at the window and noticed it was getting dark and she left the bar to get Marlene and Denzel.


Cloud rode through the desert on his motorcycle to home sweet home. He's coming back after two tortuous years without seeing Tifa's face.

During the task, he'd really thought about what he feels for Tifa...and what he feels is love for her.

But what he found out was that Tifa is Tide's victim. 'I won't let him touch her' he told himself remembering the promise he'd made her.

Soon he had parked his motorcycle in front of the 7th Heaven bar.

He stepped in to find it empty. "Hello?" His voice boomed throughout the place.


Tifa was walking back to the bar holding Marlene's and Denzel's hands. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the familiar motorcycle.

"Cloud" She whispered. Marlene and Denzel grinned. "Cloud's back!" They exclaimed and they rushed in.

Tifa grinned to herself. She fixed her hair and her clothes and made sure her shoes were tied.

She walked in and saw Marlene and Denzel embracing him.

When they let go, Cloud gazed at Tifa. She smiled and ran to him and he embraced her. He lifted her off her feet and set her back down.

"I missed you." She whispered in his ear, holding back her tears.

"I missed you too." He replied smiling.

She turned to the children. "Get ready for bed you two." She told them gently. "Okay Tifa." They said in unison as they walked up the stairs.

"So what did you find out about Tide?" She asked as they both sat.

He stared down at the brunette floor. "Cloud?" She called to him. He kept on staring down.

"Is there something you don't want to tell me?" She asked softly. "Well he's kind of going" He muttered.

Her mouth opened slightly. "W-Why?" She asked still in shock.

"We don't know yet..."

He muttered once more.

"I can't be captured by him! I don't like him, no one does!" She yelled. "Yeah but there's one thing that will prevent him from going anywhere near you." He said looking up at her.

"And what's that?" She asked staring at him back.

"Our promise." He replied chuckling. "Never forgot that day." She said smiling.

"Well I'm going to sleep." He said standing up. "Yeah me too." She said also standing up. Both walked up the stairs and stopped at the door of each of their own rooms.

"Goodnight Cloud." She said. "Good night Tifa." He said. Both of them twisted the knob on each door and entered their room.


The next morning, Tifa woke up happier than usual. She went to her bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth and combed her hair.

She went downstairs where Marlene and Denzel were eating breakfeast. "Cloud hasn't woken up." Marlene informed her.

"Okay." Tifa said sitting down to join them. "Tifa, do we call Cloud our uncle or dad?" Denzel asked.

"You can call him whatever you want." She replied to him. "He's more like a dad because you two look like happily married couple." Marlene said.

"You think so?" Tifa asked taking a bite out of her pancake. "Yeah." He replied and she smiled.

Author's Note: This Story Will Be On Stand By Until I Finish My Other Story 'Perfect Enemies ~Draco and Hermione~' This Chapter Was A Sneak Peak :P

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