Chapter 16

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Aphmau POV

I jump on my hover board and fly to the place where I found the diary and sit on a chair that my flower garland has turned into before bringing out the diary and turning it to the fourth entry.

Dear Diary

Today, we were nearly caught by the stealth leader but he swam past us like he couldn't see us. I was thinking and hoping he was blind but then a guy came out claiming to be the uncle of the girl leader. He wanted us to join forces so we did. The deal was that if he kept the sky army away from us, us squids would protect this crystal if his and if he was ever killed, we would kidnap his niece and extract her power to bring Loki back to life. Now we are allies in this war.


I quickly turn to the next entry.

Dear Diary

It has been a very long time since I wrote in you but that's because we have been busy. Us squids are becoming stronger and smarter because of Loki and we don't have to fear the sky army because Loki has them held captive. The girl leader still has not been found. We need to extract her power from her so we can all become stronger. The Kingdom has grown a lot since the last time I have wrote in you. We have all become smarter thanks to Loki. Soon, I will be able to flood the earth just like my parents have wanted and we will kill all of the sky army.


This is bad. Loki is using the squids and giving them false hope. I need to tell the sky army now. I turn the chair back into a SnapBack and put the book in my storage before running outside. But I was too late. There are squids coming from the lake outside of the house and they are coming towards me. Fast. I try to summon Mjolnir but instead, I get a note.

Mjolnir is useless in this war so I have taken your armed and hammer and I am protecting it from Loki. You still have your electric power and everything else but you can't fly. You always have your other form. Tell the other heroes the same. Only Cadenza's weapons will work as they are separate from her suit.

I scrunch the paper into a ball with my hand before sending it into my storage. I instead take out my enchanted budder sword. The squids take out their own swords. They all strike at me at once. No fair! One against 17 is unfair. I summon out a second enchanted budder sword and block all of the swords but a few are able to give me some cuts. I have two deep ones. One on my arm and one on my back to add onto the bruise.

"Surrender and come with us!" One of the squid shouts.

"Never!" I shout back before stabbing one of the squids and killing it. I could teleport but it's best to kill them before they can retreat and call for reinforcements. So far, I have killed 4 leaving 13 left. Suddenly, 20 more appear. Great.

"Surrender and we will stop."  I glare at them before striking and killing two more squids. Their strikes are too fast to keep up with and I can't use Mjolnir. There is only one other option. Using my mothers form. I close my eyes and concentrate, putting my hands out in front of myself. Soon, a big ball of light surrounds me and when I open my eyes, I am is a pure white dress with white angel wings behind me. I have a pure white sword and my hair is tied up in a high ponytail. My Irene form. I have not been in this form since my 16th birthday. I couldn't use it when I was a super hero but now I can. I look up and glare at the squids and lunge at them after saying one thing.

"The angelic leader is back in action."

With inhuman speed, I kill all of the squids with the sword, staining both my dress and the sword with ink and blood before disposing of all of the squid bodies back into the lake. Sadly, my blood is also staining my dress. As soon as I know that their aren't anymore coming, I teleport to Sky.

"Ouch! What the-" he looks up and sees all of the blood on my dress and sword. "Jess what happened!" I just shrug and he stands up and picks me up.

"I can walk you know!" I try to get out of his arms but he just gives me a look.

"I know you can but your even more hurt than the last time I saw you. If you keep getting hurt, I'm not gonna let you go anywhere." I just sigh. He sets me down on a table and starts to bandage my wounds in this awkward silence.

"So how did this happen?" He sits down in front of me.

"I was attacked on my walk. I couldn't summon Mjolnir so I had to stick with my two budder swords but their was too many. That's when I was able to transform. I killed them all before they could..." I drift off. Sky gives me a confused look.

"Before they could what? Kill you?" He asks. I shake my head.

"They want to kidnap me and extract my power to destroy the world." Sky wipes the tears that are coming from my eyes before I notice they were there. I look at him to see his eyes wide from shock.

"How do you know this?" He asks. I take out the diary and give it to him. Only me and Jin could read it but over the years, the writing has changed to this. He won't be able to understand it now. I'm the smartest!

"It's the diary of the squid prince or the new squid King. They escaped when we attacked and they teamed up with my uncle to take over the world. Loki made them stronger and smarter so they could protect his crystal. That's why they want me. To revive Loki." I can feel my clothes going back to normal.

"Get some rest. We will talk about this tomorrow. I will tell the others that you are asleep since I don't think you want me to tell them what happened. We will keep this between us for now. I just nod and stand up.

"Good night Adam" I hug him. He returns the hug.

"Good night Jess." He walks out of the room. I go upstairs to my room. I quickly get changed and get under the covers of my bed. Soon, I fall asleep.

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