A weekend of Talk over Old Sculptures

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This review is my own understandings of the Colloquy "The Parthenon an Icon of Global Citizenship Sydney November 15th to 17th 2013. The main points and the answers that I believe we reached from the long weekend of talks. 

It started Friday 15th November 2013. No, it started way before this, some 2,500 years ago, after the war and destruction the leader Pericles rallied his citizens of Athens to begin a rebuilding of the burnt ruins of this sacked city. The Persian had destroyed, not just the temples of the Acropolis but the houses, olive groves and government buildings and left just burnt shells of buildings. Athenians had escaped into surrounding areas some escaped to the Islands to return when news arrived of the defeat of the Persians and Pericles victory of reclaiming the city state of Athens and Attica. On their return, rebuilding the city began. This became the first rebuilding program recorded in history of restarting an Economy of the once dominate trade area of the Mediterranean by a public works program that continued with the rebuilding of the Parthenon, yes, the same building that has survived to this day. This is one fact that shone out from the weekend of talking about the old Sculptures (Athena's Gifts).

The Rebuilding of the Parthenon is happening as we speak.  Unfortunately, the damage done by one greedy person (Thomas Bruce- or the Lord Elgin of 1800) will now not allow the sculptural pieces to be replaced back to where they originally were, because it would be just too unsafe.  Even so, the return of the Sculpture must occur for the Global Iconic Understanding of this Building that  they were the Ancient Greek’s inspiration and intended to be  "Athena's Gifts" from the people as a Religious, and social understanding.While they sit in the British Museum they are out of context. The separation of these Sculptures from the Parthenon was a rape of Global Shared Culture.  Where the Western Civilization reached, so did the Culture of Ancient Greeks. They have shared the seeds of their civilization with the rest of the world, and while the Parthenon Marbles are separated they cannot be seen in their true context of their original purpose as a combined “Gift to Athena,” their goddess of Wisdom, the Arts and Patron of Athens. We recognise that this sharing is contributed largely through Empires conquests especially by the Victorians of the English Umpire of the Neo-Classical Era. But the way it was done, has left pain and hurt amongst many different people from all countries that had been conquered by this Empire. The Return of the Marbles could trigger the healing necessary for the future new age world, this Global Village needs a stable future for our children to enjoy. This message is what was established from the weekend of Talking about old Sculptures. Collectively we believed that by the use of social media and all the tools of the internet this message can be sent out to the world and digital resources for Education of old and young produced. This summary is my personal effort to spread the news; that the Marbles belong in Greece to have the Cultural significance fully understood by our world’s Global understanding.  The Parthenon and the Sculptural Pieces must be united for their true purpose acknowledged, and therefore, honouring the builders of this magnificent building. My own voice is but one voice, but the more we reach out to others and explain the circumstances of the Parthenon Marbles the stronger we will become and  they will one day be given back to Greece and the Acropolis museum, through sheer will power of the majority wishing for this to occur for the benefit of all.

The British people could use this act to remove the pain from the "Guilt of our Ancestors Acts of Shame," being acknowledged, and a declaration of "Sorry" with the physical element of returning the Marbles would make it a "Classy Act" as Stephen Fry spoke of in his Speech of that now Famous debate from 2012. Australia had a Sorry Day where the Parliament of the Day in 2008 brought the survivors of the Stolen Generation and officially said "Sorry" to acknowledge the suffering that has been caused by laws of intollerance and shame, and the allow the nation to heal. As an Australian, I can take pride in the fact that we have begun to right the terrible wrongs that the Indigenous First Peoples suffered. This "Sorry Day" was just the first step for us to achieve true "Nation Hood", and as I said allows the healing to begin. 

This giving back of those marbles could improve the economic environment within Greece.  The study of the economic impact, of the “Return of the Parthenon Marbles” to Greece by Nikos Chatziandreou in,  (The Acropolis Sculptures: An Economic Issue), he outlines and proves that the Marbles return could generate a sizable income towards the Greek Economy, which proves Melina Mercouri’s understanding of Greece’s greatest Resource, their Cultural Heritage. To those interested in seeing this study please go to the International Colloquy Website, I will try and provide a link here for all to read. This can also help Britain in the long run as it may even improve their own economy by this act of Sorry, with innovative cultural revival of their own historical arts and creating the new histories as Stephen Fry said a "Classy Act” to have a rejuvenated new historical understanding of a "New Age" British Museum.

 Greece's need is a Global need to, we all could benefit from the Parthenon Sculptures being reunited on Greek Soil. It could provide or trigger a "New Digital Age Renaissance".   I believe that Greece is again in a terrible situation economically, and it is equivalent to Australia’s “Great Depression of the 1930’s,” as stated by Gina Choutis in her address in the Economic work shop.  This subject was also raised in activism, and on summary it became an answer.  The need for Greece, and its people, is as urgent as their fight for Independence, so to be saved financially, by the "Diaspora" and the Philhellenes of this world must step up and once again reach out to help our Collective Cultural Home. So what can we do to help? We are not calling for an army. But we are calling for you all to help through the internet, to launch a global awareness that can deliver an Economic recovery and stimulate a pilgrimage to Greece to welcome the Marbles back to Greece. Let the Parthenon be our Mecca or our Vatican. We need to take a poll of how many people would wish to visit the Acropolis Museum if the Marbles would be returned say tomorrow?  Maybe in this poll a small contribution could be left to help Greece build the resources that could improve their recovery.  Competition of cultural subject matter around the Return could be established. As sport has the flame the Sculptures of the Parthenon Reunited in Greece could be the Symbol for Culture and the Arts.  As Melina Mercouri said "Greece is armed to the teeth in Culture," and it is through culture that Greece can once again find its feet within the backdrop of the Economic Union. This significant cultural charge could restore all the Arts and give Greece the finical funds that it needs.

The internet is our new tool, to promote the Cultural tribute that this world owes to Greece. All can now give back in kind as a gift to Greece in ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OUR SHARED CULTURAL UNDERSTANDINGS which originated in that city-state Athens. Yes we recognise the limitations and their faults of the Ancient Greek Male dominated political society, but we also must understand that if that ancient civilization never existed we would not be where we are today, on the cusp of the greatest leap that Humanity has ever reach “SPACE”.  The combined efforts of the International push to return the Marbles to Greece are now reaching out to the World for their support through the internet. Keep watching and searching over the internet, for soon this World Wide Web campaign launch. Hopefully, these will help the Greek People to help themselves through their economic depression. The Greeks only need a lift up and they will do the rest for they have done it in this past because the strength of marble still runs deep within their veins. The rebuilding of Greece's economic situation is just a matter of time if the right support is found and used correctly.  They must be given the understanding that they are not alone in this, but have the world and hearts of all Greeks and Philhellenes from around the Globe.

Thank you for reading this review, Rose Raikos Ambassador   for the IOC-A-RPM 

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