four | where's the damn radio?

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I wake the next morning to a loud noise from outside. I jump out of the makeshift bed I slept in, and immediately start packing up my stuff. I fold the picture of Bellamy and slip it in my pocket. For some reason, I don't want Finn to come back and find it.

I head outside and see smoke from a distance. I follow it until I find a clearing in the forest, and a drop ship.

A drop ship? Did the Ark sent supplies? I get excited as I run over. We might finally have a way to make contact. I open the door to find a girl, with a wound on her head.

"Hello?" I ask, lightly tapping her shoulder. She looks dead.

Suddenly, though, she blinks, opens her eyes and looks around. She puts a hand up to her injury then notices I'm here. She jumps back a little, before asking me, "I made it?"

I nod eagerly. "Welcome to Earth."

She breaks into a grin and I help her out of the drop ship. "I'm Raven," she tells me.

"I'm Clarke." I get a cloth out of my pack to clean her forehead.

"Clarke?" She looks up at me. "Your mom's the reason I'm here. She wanted to come, too, but it wasn't possible."

I put on a brave face and just nod. Raven seems nice, but my mom is a touchy subject that I don't just open up to anyone about.

"Wait," Raven says, popping up from the rock she's sitting on. "I'm here because we need to let the Ark know you're alive!"

"What?" I ask, following her as she runs back to the drop ship.

"They're killing three hundred people tonight because they're running out of oxygen! We need to tell them you're alive!"

I see her face fall as she fumbles near the controls of the drop ship.

"Where is it?" she yells.

"Where's what?"

"The radio's gone!"

I looked at the wires where her hands are and see that they're torn out, almost in a hurry. "Bellamy," I realize. Of course he took it. He's spent the whole time on the ground trying to get people to take their wristbands off. He doesn't want the Ark to know we were alive. It's the reason I don't fully trust him.

"What?" she asks.

"Come on, we have to go," I tell her, running back into the forest.

It's only a few minutes before I see a figure in the trees, and only a couple more seconds before I can tell that it's Bellamy.

I run up to him from behind and grab his wrist. "Where's the radio?"

He stares at me blankly, jerks his hand away and keeps walking.

"Bellamy, where's the radio?" I repeat, shouting. He still doesn't answer. "They're getting ready to kill three hundred people up there! We need to contact the Ark!"

I see a flicker of something in his eyes, but he returns to his emotionless face. "I don't know, Princess."

"Don't 'princess' me," I reply angrily. "Just tell me the truth."

He looks like he was about to open his mouth, but then Raven comes up.

"Bellamy?" she asks, a twist of amusement on her face. "Bellamy Blake?"

His face hardens.

"They're looking everywhere for you," Raven continues.

"Shut up," Bellamy retorts tensely.

"Looking for him why?" I ask, turning to Raven.

"He shot Chancellor Jaha," Raven says, almost sneering.

I can do nothing but stare at him. Everything I thought I knew about Bellamy violently spins around in my head. I thought he was getting better, but he shot Wells' dad. Of course, that was before, but it feels like it changes everything.

I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I can't help it, I step forward and shove him.

"What the hell, Clarke?" he asks, stumbling back.

"That's why you didn't want them to know why we're alive. When they come down, you're dead."

"Clarke-" he starts, his voice softening.

"Where's the damn radio?" I shout at him.

He studies my face for a few seconds before answering. "In the river."

"What?" I ask, meeting his eyes.

"I threw it in the river," he says simply. He steps back. "Don't hit me."

It was probably meant to be a joke, but I ignore it and start marching towards the river. Raven follows me but Bellamy doesn't.

I spin around. "I hope you know which part of the river you threw it in. Because you're going to be the one fishing for it." I don't wait for him to reply before continuing to walk.

He's beside me in a second. "I did it for Octavia," he tells me. "Someone offered me a spot on the drop ship if I killed the Chancellor. I couldn't let her come here alone."

"Coming down here to be Octavia's guard dog is worth someone's life?" I demand angrily.

"Oh, you think he killed him?" Raven asks me. "Nah, Jaha's still alive."

Bellamy stops walking. "What?"

Raven gives a dry chuckle. "You're a lousy shot."

A smile creeps on my face. I'm happy that Jaha is still alive, but a little more happy that Bellamy hadn't gotten his way. Then I remember all of the people who are going to die because of him.

"You're still helping us find that radio," I tell him. "We're contacting the Ark." I try to force it into a statement. Maybe if it sounds like I believe it, it will actually happen.

The three of us search the river for at least an hour before Bellamy finds the radio.

He hands it to me, and starts to say something, but I cut him off. "Raven, can you fix this?" I ask.

She turns it around in her hand. "Not by tonight," she replies dismally.

"This is your fault," I say, facing Bellamy. I know I already yelled at him. Hell, I already assaulted him. But somehow, it's not enough. I'm not going to stop blaming him until we save those people.

"I got your radio," he responds, obviously fed up with me. "What more do you want me to do?"

"I want you to find a way for us to contact the Ark! I want you to save those people!" I yell.

"Clarke, wait," Raven says. I turn to face her again. "I have an idea."

If you watched the show, you know what the idea is, so it's not much of a cliffhanger, sorry. I hope you guys liked this chapter! Also, if you have a fan account of the 100 on Instagram, I follow back, my username is @arkofclarke so if you want to give me a follow, that would be great! Otherwise, please vote and keep reading this story, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much, I'll be posting the next chapter on Wednesday!

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