Preference #2: You Fight Over Something Stupid

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You Fight Over Something Stupid

Harry: "C'mon babe you can't be fucking serious!" You exclaim, angrily running a hand through your tangled hair.

"He was all over you! And you didn't even stop him! Of course I'm fucking serious!" Your boyfriend Harry yells, staring at you with his cold emerald eyes.

"What do you expect me to do?! Shove him off and call him a dick?! To be honest it was nice getting some attention for once!" He growls furiously and slams his fist into the wall, leaving a small circular dent.

"Gosh Y/N what's that supposed to mean?! I give you all kind of attention!"

"I'm not fucking arguing about this! If you can't stop yelling at me for something that isn't even my fault, I'm leaving." Hurriedly you pull on your shoes and grab your purse, metres from the door.

"No! No, baby I'm sorry. Please, please don't leave," Harry begs, rushing to your side and pulling you into an embrace. His eyes were slightly moist from the tears he attempted to hold back and you couldn't help but feel sorry. "I love you."

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't of let him flirt with me. And I love you, stop thinking I'll automatically get up and leave you."

He sighs, pulling my lips to his in a long passionate kiss. There was no need for more words.

Louis: "I'm not going there!" Your boyfriend of a year and a half, Louis, yells at you, nearly causing glass to break.

"What the hell is wrong with it?! There's no way I am going to one of those fancy places you always want to eat at! I'm not some famous celebrity like you!" You shout back, getting in his face. Lou always thought he could boss you around but that wasn't going to last for long. The argument was about something stupid-a simple restaurant choice-but he was blowing it way out of proportion.

"You're my girlfriend! We can't just go out to some loser place, people will judge us!"

You groan angrily, grabbing your phone from the couch and storming into your shared room, slamming the door once inside. Since when did he care what people thought of him?

A few minutes later there's a soft knock at the door before Louis speaks, "Y/N, I'm sorry. I shouldn't care what people think. What about instead of going out we just order in and cuddle under the covers?"

You stand up, wiping a few stray tears from your cheeks, and open the door. Throwing your arms around him, you smile and nod, inhaling his sweet scent.

Liam: "It's just a movie Liam! Why are you arguing with me about this?!" You shout, frustrated.

"You're the one who always gets mad at the movies I pick! Why can you not pick the movie yourself?!" Honestly you were fighting about who picked the movie, what could be stupider?

"I'm just saying, maybe if you would pick better movies I wouldn't get mad at you!"

He sighs angrily, "That's why I'm telling you to pick the fucking movie!" You move in front of his face and furrow your eyebrows.

"I. Don't. Want. To."

"Just. Do. It." He retaliates, glancing down at your lips.

"Make. Me." Before you can think twice his mouth is on yours and the both of you fall back onto the couch, all thoughts of the movie gone.

Zayn: "I told you ten fucking times to pick them up but what did you do?! You left them there!" You scream at your longtime boyfriend Zayn, tugging at the ends of your hair. He sighs and picks up the dirty clothes before throwing them in your face.

"There. Happy?"

You scoff and shove him back, dumping the clothes over his head. "Fuck. You." Flustered, you stomp into the closest room, which happened to be the bathroom, and slam the door behind you. He was so frustrating at times yet you couldn't help but still love him, despite his messy manner. Curling up in the bathtub you think silently about what just happened, ignoring his soft knocks on the door.

"Baby," he groans, knocking louder. "Baby I'm sorry. I'll start cleaning up, I promise."

When you don't respond he opens the door, chuckling amused to himself at the sight of you in the bathtub. The two of you don't exchange a word as he crawls behind you, pressing gentle kisses to your neck.

You moan quietly and clench your hands into fists.

"I'm sorry. Pwease forgive me?" He says like a child, rubbing his rough hands up your thighs repeatedly. You ignore his apology and focus on the wall, trying desperately not to moan once again. Zayn begins to rub further up your thighs, his fingers teasingly playing with the hem of your shorts.

"I'm sorry." He speaks again, smirking to himself.

"Fine, I guess I forgive you."

"Good because I'm getting really turned on right now."

Of course.

Niall: "You always do this!" Niall yells, causing you to cringe. The two of you were arguing about how you always believed the magazines, especially when they stated he cheated on you.

"What am I supposed to think?! My boyfriends in one of the most famous boy bands, how hard do you think it is not to believe this stuff?!" You retaliate, a single tear going down your cheek.

"You're supposed to trust me! But obviously that's impossible for you to do!" He's completely right but you can't help it. You continue to cry, ripping up the false magazine swiftly.

"You make it so hard for me to trust you." He frowns at your statement, immediately tilting your chin up so you could look in his eyes.

"Y/N, I love you. Stop believing this bullshit. I'll always be faithful to you and it hurts me to think that you think I won't." You sniffle, knowing that you overreacted.

"I'm sorry." Niall smiles and pulls you in for a hug, resting his chin atop your head.

"It's okay princess, it's okay."

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